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With the industry-leading CRM solution built for life sciences.

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Veeva CRM

Beat your commercial targets with best practices built-in. Deliver a meaningful customer experience with every interaction.

Modeled after the consumer web, Veeva CRM is the first solution created specifically for life sciences and the unique needs of human, consumer, and animal health.

With advanced capabilities for planning and coordination across all channels, Veeva CRM is the end-to-end solution that helps you adapt quickly to changing business needs and drive business growth.

  • Coordinate planning and execution across teams: Improve collaboration across key account managers, field reps, medical, and marketing to boost execution and deliver a personalized customer experience.
  • Boost productivity while remaining compliant: Optimize sales utilization and alignment while ensuring field teams engage the right providers in the right activities.
  • Drive continuous improvement faster: Enhance your customer engagement model by leveraging the latest process best practices, learning what works and evolving quickly.

Coordinate Plans Across Teams

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All communication channels are integrated and orchestrated—including face-to-face, email, and self-service web interactions. Visibility to customer activity across all channels provides a real-time view of customer behaviors and preferences.
A complete account-based selling model supports today’s complex selling environment. Includes role-specific functionality—specialty care, primary care, field medical, managed markets, and key account managers. Teams collaboratively plan, execute, and measure progress against a single account plan.
Field representatives access the full capabilities of Veeva CRM anytime and anywhere on our intuitive mobile applications, built from the ground up for iPad and Windows 8.
Field reps can add or request changes to customer profiles quickly and easily. Interoperability with Veeva Network Customer Master application and Veeva OpenData Customer Data ensures fast, accurate data updates so your commercial teams are always productive—and always compliant.
Up-to-Date Alignments
Seamless integration with Veeva Align ensures commercial teams have fast access to the latest assignments without disruption. Dynamic alignments delivered in minutes make it easy to adjust coverage to accommodate changing market conditions; ensuring field teams are back in the field on the first day of each new sales cycle.
Full-featured reporting and dashboards bring together third-party data such as prescription, sales, or formulary information with customer interaction information, providing your commercial teams the insights they need to make informed decisions.
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Guided Interactions
Leveraging the power of data science, Veeva CRM Suggestions helps you deliver a better, more coordinated customer experience by offering recommendations on the best action and right channel for the next customer interaction. Since it’s a part of Veeva CRM, recommendations are provided right in the reps’ workflow where and when they need it. With the Veeva Data Science Connector companies have the flexibility to use the data science technology of their choice or internal solutions, quickly and easily. The interactive Suggestions Dashboard gives reps the opportunity to offer feedback to improve future suggestions (coming Fall 2015).
Includes a complete multichannel repository that manages and distributes content across all Veeva CRM channels, as well as other digital channels (optional), ensuring simplicity, visibility and control of promotional assets.
Better Events with Greater Compliance
With seamless integration to Veeva CRM Events Management, you have the power to create any event type, gain needed approvals, collaborate with vendors, manage budgets and attendees invitations, collect signatures and more.

Transfer of value and budget adherence to maintain compliance have never been easier. Total visibility into speaker and attendee information and easy call recording provide a no-hassle way to follow up with event participants.
Pre-validated for 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA with the completion and full documentation of all IQ and OQ tests, Veeva CRM helps you save up to 80% of your system validation costs—while reducing project implementation timelines.
Leverage full access to Salesforce solutions and innovation, such as Service Cloud for call center and portal and Chatter for enterprise social networks. With a unified platform, you have an accurate and complete view of your customers across all channels.
Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Veeva CRM is easy to configure, extend or use to replace costly legacy systems.

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