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Veeva Align+

Visual territory design seamlessly integrated with the Veeva Commercial Cloud.


Deeper Insights

Understand your territories better using robust visualization tools

Optimized Field Design

Discover your optimal territory scenario through rapid iteration and testing

Faster Execution

Speed the process from field strategy to execution with prebuilt Veeva connectors


Integrated with Veeva Align

Eliminate unnecessary costs, manual uploads, and wasted time with seamless integration to Veeva's resource management platform.

  • Reduce data burden with automated imports
  • Easily load diagnoses, purchased sales, public claims data, and more
  • Respond to market updates and HCP's evolving preferences with a direct connection to Veeva CRM

Optimizer Tool

Automatically generate territories optimized by any metric at the click of a button.

  • Create territories at all levels of geography, large and small
  • Maximize for a selected attribute with automatic territory generation
  • View the impact of territory changes with instant metric calculations

Attributes and Affiliations

Visualize big picture and detailed views of crucial information to distribute your field forces more effectively.

  • See the relationship between HCPs and healthcare organizations
  • Simplify data-driven territory adjustments with real-time queries
  • Geographically view analytics and strategy via attributes

See your data in a real-world setting for a more accurate view of business impact.

  • Design territories your field teams can execute with a view of geographic features, roads, and borders
  • Layer in attributes, such as annual call frequency, for a comprehensive territory view
  • Tailor your view to see as much or as little information as you like

Discover new insights about your territories.

  • Optimize field design by utilizing territory comparisons and heatmaps
  • Gain deeper insight into territory performance and identify gaps in coverage
  • Adjust territory boundaries in real time with drawing tools and flexible selection levels

Leverage a variety of data sources to drive your best field design.

  • Expand your options with support for zip code, FIPS codes, or latitude and longitude
  • Identify untapped opportunities by viewing multiple data sets at once
  • Automatically import customer information from Veeva Align, or load from your preferred data source.

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