Maximize Your Biopharma Field Investment With Data-Driven Territory Design

What do high field turnover, incentive compensation disputes, and wasted field activity have in common?

They are often symptoms of poor territory design.

Error-prone and manual processes, a lack of visibility into design logic, and inadequate responses to field feedback can all lead to ineffective territory design. But I’ve found wasted data to be the biggest blocker when it comes to good territory design.

As an industry, biopharma spends a lot of time and money gathering the best sales, account, and population data. Yet, valuable insights often get lost in the countless rows of a spreadsheet. There just hasn’t been an intuitive way to organize all the data inputs so they can be fully leveraged during territory design.

That’s where Veeva Align+ comes in. We created Align+ to enable visual territory design that extracts the full value of your data. Here are a few ways Align+ can help you maximize your field investment.

Visualize data for deeper insights

Territory design is one of the most data-heavy stages in the commercialization process. It requires data-driven decision making, yet there’s little emphasis on showing these details in an accessible way.

Visualization tools can help close the gap between data and design by presenting your information on a map. This provides a real-world view of all your data, allowing you to gain more insights to create well-informed territories.

For example, two healthcare professionals (HCPs) may be in the same zip code assigned to a rep, but one could be right off the freeway while the other is inaccessible from main roads and requires a slow and bumpy drive through a mountain. Information like roads, borders, and geographic features are challenging to account for when working in spreadsheets. Yet, they are crucial to designing equitable and achievable territories.

Align+ visualizes this information to give you an instant and precise understanding of whether your territories are realistic for your reps. More than this, visualization capabilities help you get the most out of your data.

With Align+ you can see all your information in one view, so nothing gets lost or overlooked.

  • Turn on overlays for multiple field teams and ensure coverage across geographies.
  • View customer affiliations and hierarchies to organize teams who work within a health network or healthcare organization (HCO).
  • Spot trends across attributes with heatmap displays.

Align+ is data agnostic so you can easily load any data you like to begin your analysis. This allows you to make decisions based on several different types of information, all presented simultaneously on a map to give you a more accurate view of business impact.

Maximize ROI with well-informed resource distribution

Expert territory design requires the careful allocation of resources. Successful field teams target activities toward accounts that yield a strong return on investment. And limit situations where the effort required outweighs the potential gains.

For example, unless an HCP in a hard-to-reach location writes a lot of prescriptions, it probably doesn’t make sense to send a rep down that dusty road more than a few times a year. Instead, companies can select to deploy digital channels to help maximize ROI.

Align+ helps you make these decisions. It can section off a territory based on how far certain locations are from a center point of your selection. It will show you a ring of accounts that are 10 miles away, 20 miles away, 50 miles away, and so on.

That way, it’s easy for you to visualize feasible engagement plans for your reps as you can identify:

All of this ensures that you maximize the return on your field investment by carefully distributing resources based on well-informed field planning.

Easier, better territory design

Align+ was built to be feature-rich because we wanted to address some of the most common challenges our customers have shared with us. These are just a few of many unique features in Veeva Align+ that enable visual territory design agile enough to bring data-driven decisions in real time.

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