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Improve GxP Training
Efficiency and Effectiveness

A industry-specific LMS that ensures job readiness and GxP compliance.

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Vault Training | LMS for GxP Compliance 
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Centralize GxP training management
with Vault Training

An industry-specific LMS for GxP training

Vault Training is a learning management system (LMS) designed for GxP compliance. It gives customers tools to manage learning content and curricula and to deliver and track assignments.

Build role-based curricula and track qualification

Training administrators can build curricula with many training types, including documents, videos, eLearning, classroom training, on-the-job training, assessments, and more. Managers can track qualification and compliance status using reports and dashboards.

Unified with Vault QualityDocs

Vault Training is unified with Vault QualityDocs, ensuring access to source content and automating re-training based on changes. Document and training data are easily combined for reporting, and training assignments can be made in Vault QMS workflows.

Why Vault Training

Streamline training from content to completion

Customer Success

More than 300 companies drive
training excellence with Vault Training

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