Optimize QC Labs for
Real-time Batch Release

Increase efficiency and productivity with unified lab and quality processes.

Veeva Announces Vault LIMS
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Veeva Vault LIMS

Vault LIMS is a modern cloud solution designed to optimize QC labs for real-time batch release. It seamlessly connects with Veeva Vault QualityDocs, Veeva Vault QMS, and Veeva Vault Training to increase lab productivity, efficiency, and compliance.

Planned Availability: 2H 2022


Accelerate Batch Release

Speed product time to market and reduce inventory carrying costs with a unified lab and quality ecosystem.

Increase Lab Productivity

Enable real-time information access and sharing across lab users and partners with a modern system providing a personalized user experience.

Increase Accuracy and Reliability

Improve test speed, reliability, and accuracy with automated industry-standard digital workflows.


Unified QA and QC Processes

Brings together quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes like sample management, test execution, training, content management, and lab investigation in a unified solution to eliminate silos and increase lab efficiency.

Purpose-built for Quality Control Labs

Provides industry-standard workflows with built-in lab best practices to increase data accuracy and test reliability.

Role-based Experience

Real-time, interactive dashboards provide clear visibility into inefficiencies and bottlenecks that cause processing and reporting delays. Take action directly from reports to resolve issues and complete tasks to speed the submission process.

Connectivity Across Lab Ecosystem

Easily and quickly integrates with existing lab and manufacturing systems including ERP and MES using Vault APIs.

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