Streamline and Automate
Study Training

Redefine learning management while ensuring
inspection readiness.

Veeva announces Vault Study Training.
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Veeva Vault Study Training

Bring sponsors, CROs, and research sites into a single platform to streamline and automate training while ensuring inspection readiness in Vault eTMF.


Simplify Training with One Application

Create, assign, and deliver role-based training for sponsors, CROs, and sites in one connected solution.

Ensure Inspection Readiness

Automate training certificate creation and evidence filing for a constant state of inspection readiness.

Improve Compliance

Ensure study teams remain in compliance with automated training alerts, on-demand content, and real-time visibility.


Single Platform for All Study Personnel

Manage study training curricula for sponsors, CROs, and sites staff in one streamlined platform.

Seamless Connection with Vault eTMF

Leverage connected clinical master data and version-controlled documents from Vault eTMF to create role-based training.

Automated Training Assignment and Distribution

Automated alerts for new or updated curricula ensure study and site teams stay current with protocol training.

Quizzes and Assessments

Ensure competency with flexible, easy-to-configure quizzes that provide immediate feedback to remediate incorrect answers.

Unified Dashboards and Reports

Monitor oversight and compliance in real-time with pre-built dashboards and reports, or create your own.

Compliance and Validation

Audit trails, e-signatures, validation processes, and configurable business logic are all designed in a strict change control environment.

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