Patient Data.
When You Need It.
Where You Need It

Improve ePRO with a modern platform built for the
unique needs of sponsors, sites, and patients.

Veeva ePRO

Veeva ePRO simplifies the design, management, and completion of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), with seamless data flow that ensures access and transparency throughout clinical studies.


Streamline Study Execution

Drive efficiencies and reduce the burden of data stewardship through a unified platform that eliminates the need to manage data across multiple standalone systems.

Faster Access to High-Quality Data

Seamless data flow across a complete clinical platform ensures data is accurate, complete, and readily available data from study design to close out.

Increase Site Uptake

Remove administrative burden by enabling sites to manage ePRO without the need for additional systems or applications.

Better Patient Experience

Make ePRO completion easier with a single user-friendly app to receive notifications and access study activities.


ePRO Library

Accelerate study design through a library of reusable and validated ePROs, sourced from both Veeva and sponsor libraries.

Supports Range of Question Types

Incorporate required question options including multiple choice, numerically rated scales (NRS), and visual analogue scales (VAS).

Branching Logic

Only include relevant questions to simplify ePRO completion and enhance patient experience.

Patient and Site Notifications

Notify patients of ePROs requiring completion and alert sites if they are uncompleted or missed.

Enhanced Login Options

Users can login with a username and password or choose to activate biometric authentication (fingerprints and facial recognition).

Optimized for BYOD

Patients can use their own device including android, iOS, and web.

Real-time Data Access

Sites and study teams can access patient-entered data, including adherence, in real-time in the systems they work within – no more data silos.

Amendments and Version Control

Seamlessly manage amendments to the study design which are version controlled and automatically provided to sites.

End-to-end Platform

Unified system seamlessly connecting sponsors, sites and patients across the entire ePRO process.

Validated and Secure Cloud Platform

Veeva ePRO is fully validated by Veeva and supports compliance with HIPAA and regional data privacy requirements.


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