Veeva Vault EDC
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Veeva is delivering a better EDC that's modern, adaptive, and fast to dramatically reduce cost and complexity of clinical trials. Veeva Vault EDC and Veeva Vault eSource are designed to improve speed and data quality by streamlining systems and processes for investigator sites, sponsors, and CROs.

Vault EDC joins Vault eSource, Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF, and Vault Study Startup as part of the Vault Clinical Suite , the only suite of unified cloud applications for clinical operations and data management—spanning study startup to archive.

Veeva Vault EDC is planned for availability in April 2017.

  • Better data faster: Improve data quality and real-time access to make better data-driven decisions quickly by eliminating multiple verification steps.
  • Reduce cost: Accelerate clinical trial cycle times, reduce costs, and speed the overall clinical trial process with streamlined data management systems and processes.
  • Streamline trial execution: Improve collaboration with sites, support adaptive trials, and easily incorporate protocol amendments.
  • Unified clinical: Part of the most comprehensive suite of clinical applications on a single cloud platform to unify clinical operations and data management.

Streamline source data verification and review

Real-time edit checks in electronic case report form

Simplified navigation across study hierarchy


Vault EDC provides users total visibility of all data to facilitate superior trial execution, and improved outcomes. Vault EDC introduces a more advanced approach to data management, enabling users to manage patients, not just individual data points.
Leverage endpoint-driven study design to ensure all required primary and secondary data points are appropriately collected, cleaned, and formatted for quicker analysis. Deploy better studies faster with easy to manage design libraries that have built-in traceability checks. Improve site monitoring and data management planning with a shared data model, essential for enabling risk-based approaches to study execution.
A modern user experience greatly increases usability, adoption, and performance. During data entry on a form, real-time edit checks increase accuracy, entry performance, and user satisfaction. Reduce time navigating between subject casebooks, events, and forms with quick-jump navigation.
Cost and complexity of transforming data into multiple formats for integration, review, and analysis is greatly reduced with endpoint-ready datasets and reusable export definitions. System performance and user activity insights can be leveraged to drive improvements to current and future study designs.

Task management assistance replaces the costly and error prone activity of identifying, prioritizing, and flagging what needs to be done. By simply clicking on a task, users are linked directly to where the task needs to be performed. And intuitive visualizations provide sites with actionable insights, improving quality and performance.
Enabled by the endpoint-driven study design, the system ensures monitors are aware and perform the appropriate source data verification and review activities. Vault EDC records site monitoring activity and supports the automated population of the monitoring trip report.
Vault eSource enables clinical sites to enter patient data directly into an easy-to-use mobile application, eliminating the need for paper data capture and transcription to the EDC. Together, Vault EDC and Vault eSource provide a single source of truth, that not only reduces duplicate data entry and on-site verification, but also improves real-time collaboration between sites, sponsors, and CROs.