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Built on a modern unified clinical platform, Veeva Vault EDC allows you to run the trial you want, not the trial your technology limits you to. Quickly deploy studies in weeks and not months, and make in-flight amendments without migrations or downtime. The ability to integrate and maintain complete and concurrent data, including non-CRF data, in a trial provides real-time insight and dramatically improves productivity.

Vault EDC joins Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF, and Vault Study Startup as part of the Vault Clinical Suite, the only suite of unified cloud applications for clinical operations and data management—spanning study startup to archive. To learn more and get started with Vault EDC, please contact us.

  • Run the trial you want: Run complex yet flexible multi-arm adaptive trials and make mid-study amendments without downtime or migrations.
  • Better data faster: Get better insights faster and accelerate data-driven decisions.
  • Accelerate study cycle times: Deploy studies in weeks and improve time to database lock with endpoint-driven study design.
  • Unify clinical: Leverage the most comprehensive suite of clinical applications on a single cloud platform to unify clinical operations and data management.
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Streamline source data verification and review

Real-time edit checks in electronic case report form

Simplified navigation across study hierarchy


Vault EDC provides a configurable collaboration environment with built-in review and approval workflows. The user interface is simple and intuitive to use with drag-and-drop casebook building functionality.
Personalized user dashboards and workflows provide immediate direction of users’ tasks and eliminate time spent searching for information or reporting.
Endpoint-driven study design provides the ability to optimize collection, verification, cleaning, and formatting of study data based on prioritization. Site monitoring and data management are improved with a shared data model, enabling risk-based approaches to study execution.

A scalable platform delivers total data management with the ability to integrate all necessary non-CRF data, as defined by endpoint-driven data strategy, as well as flexibility to amend designs at any stage without downtime or migrations.
A modern user experience greatly increases usability, adoption, and performance. During data entry on a form, real-time edit checks increase accuracy, entry performance, and user satisfaction. Reduce time navigating between subject casebooks, events, and forms with quick-jump navigation.
Native data sharing across the clinical applications in the Vault Clinical Suite creates a single source of the truth for the study team, eliminating the need to building integrations, mapping, duplication, and discrepancies.

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