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Veeva CRM MyInsights is a future-proof, no-code platform in Veeva CRM to create a highly tailored user experience. Typical uses of MyInsights include pre-call planning, customer and patient journeys, account plans, territory or HCP-level insights, and suggestions. MyInsights content can consist of data from Veeva CRM or third-party data sources. Users access MyInsights directly within Veeva CRM, providing a single place to understand or act on insights and improving the user experience, and allowing for the implementation of your brand strategy.

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New for 2023:

Veeva is enhancing its support for MyInsights partners, starting with an early adopter phase in May 2023.
Partners who are currently certified will remain so until October 2023.

All MyInsights partners have access to:

  • A Dedicated Program Manager
  • Unlimited Training
  • Strategic and Technical Support
  • Exclusive Documentation and Resources
  • Product Roadmap and New Releases Webinars
  • MyInsights Studio and Software Support

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Early Adopters: