Integrate Site Critical Applications with VeevaID

Efficient system access for Veeva and partner applications

VeevaID provides single sign-on and digital identity across all Veeva clinical sponsor and partner applications. With VeevaID, clinical research sites can easily access systems across multiple sponsors and studies for increased efficiency and speed.

VeevaID Partner Program

  • VeevaID is open to all Veeva partners who join our Veeva Partner program, adhere to security standards, and have integrated the VeevaID technology.
  • VeevaID Partners are able to register their apps and gain access to the VeevaID API, support, and security best practices.
  • By integrating with VeevaID, site personnel log-in to all Veeva partner applications with no additional username or password required

We invite you to join the VeevaID partner program. To learn more or to register: