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Remove Bottlenecks with
Continuous Publishing

Dramatically speed submission delivery.

Announced 2017
Customers 51-100

Vault Submissions Publishing generates electronic submissions for global health authorities. Veeva releases new templates and validation criteria to keep up with evolving regulations.

Submissions Publishing leverages content plans created earlier in the lifecycle to start the publishing process as soon as individual documents are finalized.

Users can create internal and external hyperlinks to connect references in the text. They publish submissions directly to health authorities from Vault, in markets where allowed.

Dashboards and reports allow publishers to track each submission component as it progresses from authoring to completion.

Vault Submissions Publishing provides a table of contents for easy content assembly and a health authority gateway for submitting final dossiers

Why Vault Submissions Publishing

Reduce rework and delays

  • Gain comprehensive oversight

    Manage end-to-end submission development within a single system.
  • Enhance efficiency and accuracy

    Complete publishing steps earlier in the cycle, eliminate redundancy, and reduce errors with correct document versions and automatic tracking and transfers.
  • Accelerate user onboarding

    Leverage on-demand training with Submissions Publishing eLearning for faster onboarding and to stay current on new capabilities.

Less time, less effort


reduction in submission creation time

5 weeks

shaved from NDA

700 hours

saved with direct gateway submissions

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