Addressing Compliance Challenges in Life Sciences: It’s Time to Simplify

It isn’t news to say that the life sciences industry is facing increased complexity.

Global supply chains, foreign contract manufacturers, and an increasing number of cross-border mergers and acquisitions are factors in complexity.

Add in international commercialization, including product launches in multiple geographies and the required range of a salesforce to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs), key opinion leaders (KOL), and therapeutic area experts.

Then consider the regulatory environment, which is demanding more operational transparency. In fact, European companies are now for the first time publishing their transfer-of-value transactions data to HCPs in accordance with EFPIA guidelines.

Like nearly every industry, life sciences is also struggling to tame larger data volumes. Content is stored and used everywhere, in different formats, languages, and versions. Customer reference and compliance data are managed in multiple systems. And yet, the data must be continually verified because attributes like address, affiliation, and license status change frequently – a challenge to manage in disparate silos.

It’s time to simplify.

The fact is that the business and regulatory environments within life sciences will remain globally complex. But when it comes to managing the IT systems across R&D and commercial operations and to apply consistent data management, it is time for a new, more simple approach.

At Veeva, we can offer a better way; one that gives you secure and real-time access with full traceability to your data, content, and interactions across the enterprise.

It is possible to manage compliance across product lifecycles. You can maintain a single source of the truth for accurate data and approved content with the help of supporting processes and policies as well as a single global life sciences model with regional flexibility. And our compliance-driven operating and validation procedures help you plan, track, and orchestrate compliant customer interactions.

You can manage and consistently replicate changes made on regulated documents in all instances the changes need to be made around the world. And you can capture accurate HCP spend at the point of interaction so as to allocate transfer of values across geographies.

Siloed systems work against your compliance requirements. With Veeva, we can harmonize your R&D and commercial systems to assure authoritative content and data across your organization, enabling transparency reporting and tailored compliant interactions across all channels. And our cloud-based technology reduces IT infrastructure and management costs.

To learn how Veeva on can help you meet new regulation requirements and maintain effective cross-border compliance governance, listen to our Compliance expert Guillaume Roussel in this short video.