Improving Field Teams Efficiency through Integrated Solutions

This is part one of a three-post series about the benefits of CRM-integrated territory alignments for your field force.

The UK affiliate of a large pharmaceutical company spends at least €30,000 a year to outsource manual processes such as uploading territory data to different bespoke solutions. This figure can go up to millions considering all affiliates and the complexity of their global IT landscape.

This manual upload process can be time-consuming, amounting to around 12 hours of outsourced work per month. During this time, customer teams do not have access to the latest information in their CRM.

The company recognized that outsourcing manual processes served as a temporary fix to their disjointed technology solution. By investing in a CRM-integrated territory alignment solution, they enabled a more agile and cost-effective field force. Additional benefits include:

  • 92% savings reinvested from managed services into more crucial field force activities
  • Minimized manual hand-offs and errors, and reduced 10x process steps
  • Pushed territory updates to the field force giving reps access to up-to-date information
  • Established best practices for other affiliates, to roll out in other markets


With fewer, more integrated solutions, you can avoid unnecessary costs, reduce the administrative burden for your field force, and improve the quality of HCP interactions.

Check out part two of this blog series to discover how to spend less time on administrative processes and more time in the field.

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