Vault RIM Essentials: A Streamlined RIM Implementation Focused on What Small Companies Need

One of the things I love about my job is meeting the creative and dedicated teams at small clinical-stage companies, and learning about all the incredible, potentially transformative medicines being developed.

Small companies have to be nimble, and as such they tend to work with a patchwork of systems, partners, vendors, consultants, and key opinion leaders. With FDA, EMA, and other health authorities creating more flexible development avenues, research pipelines can progress more quickly than they did 10 or 20 years ago.

Regulatory teams are driving creative strategic development plans to propel the pipeline forward for these groundbreaking products. At the same time, there is a heavy administrative burden in trying to put order to the chaos. There can be a lot of steps and tools involved in delegating content development, tracking milestones, building consensus, and generating great content. It’s not unusual to spend your day switching between spreadsheet trackers, SharePoint, emails, meetings, and notes, while trying to find the file you need, getting everyone to agree on the best approach, and making sure everyone is working with the right version of a file. It’s hard to perform at your best when you have to manually manage so many small steps.

Veeva Vault RIM is a digital solution that helps companies streamline regulatory business processes. It’s not just for the big companies. With our Vault RIM Essentials package, Veeva has made the platform even more accessible to small companies by preloading it with best-practice configurations that small companies need, prevalidating it (IQ/OQ and PQ), and getting teams quickly into a live production environment. Our approach is also designed to allow your team to do actual day-to-day activities as part of the training and live process exercise sessions facilitated by Veeva.

What is (and isn’t) Vault RIM Essentials?

Veeva launched Vault RIM Essentials in order to help companies get their RIM system up and running more quickly. Vault RIM Essentials is not a subset of Vault RIM functionality—customers still have access to a wide range of capabilities. It simply comes with a set of preconfigured options that reflect industry best practices and help expedite the implementation process.

As mentioned, a key feature of the Essentials model is that the solution comes prevalidated, which significantly streamlines the implementation schedule and minimizes overall validation efforts by the customer. By using the prevalidated solution, customers can remain focused on their primary goal of developing products and/or services instead of maintaining their software solution. If customers want to add on additional validation testing after they go live, they are able to do so at their own discretion.

How does Veeva know what small companies need? And what if customers want to change their configuration?

We are always learning from our 250+ RIM customer community and continually incorporating their best practices into our configurations. In fact, 50% of our feature updates come directly from our customers’ requests. Our goal is to drive the entire industry forward with constant innovation, and Essentials is the way to help more customers hit the ground running.

However, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is never the best solution either. Once the implementation is completed, customers can change their configurations at any time and use any or all of the capabilities provided by Vault RIM. There are no artificial constraints on the product whatsoever; rather, the Essentials implementation model helps get customers live quickly and sets them on a path for future growth and expansion—giving you the best of both worlds.

How would my company benefit from Vault RIM Essentials?

The following benefits have been reported by our customers:

  • Faster time to go-live with a prevalidated system
  • Easier user adoption compared with traditional implementation approaches thanks to live process exercises and real-world tasks within a client’s actual production system
  • Opportunity to leverage Veeva best practices wherever possible
  • Stronger understanding of how processes are handled by Vault which, in turn, aids in the decision of whether to make any configuration changes (hide/add fields, etc.)
  • Enabling IT teams to learn how computer systems’ software validation and change controls are typically performed for Vault RIM implementations and updates

What’s the next step?

Customers who want to move quickly to a powerful digital platform and gain access to best practices from industry peers can leverage Vault RIM Essentials for a cost-effective, industry-leading solution to accelerate development timelines. Since such a wide variety of RIM functionality is still accessible, there is no risk or limitation to what can be done once the implementation is complete. Veeva has completed over 50 Vault RIM Essentials implementations with customers of many different sizes in the last two years. To find out if your company can also take advantage of the benefits and savings offered by Vault RIM Essentials, ask your account executive about it today or submit a contact form.

To find out more about Vault RIM, visit the product page or download the product brief.

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