Considerations for Reviewing Dynamic Web Content

With digital content on the rise, distribution channels are becoming more complex and targeted. Technologies such as content management systems (CMS) have provided marketers a way to develop multiple iterations of the same materials that they can share with the right audience at the right time. While these solutions have simplified compliant content review, one area still remains a consistent pain point for reviewers and marketing teams alike: dynamic content.

The industry has experimented with different ways of reviewing dynamic content, but nothing is as compliant as the secure generation of a PDF. This ensures that reviewers get the net impression of the content as required by the FDA.

In January 2016, we released Veeva Web2PDF, an industry-specific tool for reviewing, approving, and submitting dynamic content. Built with security in mind, Web2PDF takes any URL and automatically generates a dynamic PDF that’s ready for review.

With more than 270 Vault PromoMats customers globally, we have worked with review teams across life sciences companies of all sizes to solve the challenges for reviewing dynamic content. As you think through your process, consider 3 core tenants:

  1. Creation of review materials – When developing digital content, store materials on a password-protected staging server. This makes it easy to generate compliant screenshots for submission. When we launched Veeva Web2PDF, we strove to create a tool that did more than simply generate screenshots – we incorporated best practices around security and compliance as well. Veeva Web2PDF makes it easy to create PDFs of secure content by allowing users to enter a name and password to crawl the website.
  2. Ease of review – In order to understand the full context of a piece of content on your website, reviewers need to see how all web copy works together. Medium is also important; the layout and context of your website can change depending on whether it’s viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Veeva Web2PDF allows you to generate screenshots for multiple device types to ensure complete and compliant review of web content in every format.
  3. Accuracy of submission – The FDA just finalized its guidance on the submission of promotional materials for form 2253. The document states that a submission should provide the FDA reviewer the ability to use or view the promotional material in the same manner as the intended end-user. For interactive content like a website, this includes how the images, content, and components will interact. If teams cannot submit a fully functional piece, they have to annotate content to describe how it will function once published. Dynamic content is driven from a database through a CMS. The FDA will not accept this format. To make sure all dynamic elements of the site are available for submissions, Web2PDF provides a hints tool to capture every screen.

In alignment with Veeva’s core value of customer success, we have developed Web2PDF as a free tool available to anyone. You may try it yourself by visiting