Veeva Link and GDPR

Veeva Link Key People is an enterprise source of continuously updated data on scientific experts in over 24 therapeutic areas providing market intelligence. Millions of experts and their scientific activities worldwide are consolidated into a single, complete source for medical and commercial teams. Veeva Link ensures compliance with the GDPR and all other data protection regulations.

Individuals’ Rights

Veeva has policies and procedures to respond to requests from individuals to exercise their rights, such as their right to access their personal data or object to the processing of their personal data.

Data Accuracy

Veeva takes reasonable steps to ensure that data is accurate and retained for no longer than necessary. Data in Veeva Link is kept up to date and validated by data stewards.

Data Privacy Management

Ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations, Veeva Link follows its obligations as an EU Data Controller.


Veeva notifies scientific experts about the processing of their data when it collects it from publicly available sources.

Veeva ensures that individuals may contact Veeva Link Key People with any questions or to exercise his or her rights.

Data Security

Veeva has an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and maintains current ISO 27001 and 27018 certifications.

Veeva is continually reviewing its security measures for enhancements, including as part of its GDPR Compliance Program.

Breach Notification

Veeva has policies and procedures to notify the supervisory authority, and, if required, the data subjects, breaches within the timeframes required by the GDPR when it becomes aware of security breaches.