Veeva KOL Data

Identify, profile, and engage relevant KOLs globally.

Building lasting relationships with the right key opinion leaders requires effective navigation of a complex healthcare landscape. However, challenged with multiple, siloed data sources, medical affairs struggles to get an accurate stakeholder view. Medical science liaisons are stuck spending time conducting basic KOL research rather than engaging KOLs—and risk missing critical decision makers.

Veeva KOL Data can provide a single, global source of key stakeholder information for better KOL identification and engagement. By delivering deep, continuously updated information on KOLs, the solution minimizes the need for disparate vendors. Robust profiles—including sentiments, affiliations, and clinical interests—maximize coverage. Designed for seamless integration into Veeva Medical CRM, Veeva KOL Data provides complete insight to help you reach the right KOLs through the right channels.

  • Improve resource alignment: In-depth profiles help better identify and prioritize important stakeholders.
  • Drive operational efficiency: Save thousands of hours for MSLs and medical affairs.
  • Reduce spend: Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need for different vendors and integrations.


Stakeholder Identification
Identify all relevant KOLs and experts around the globe based on tailored segmentation criteria. Search through millions of activities and segment by affiliations, expertise, relationships and sentiment toward companies, brands and therapies.
Stakeholder Profiling
Gain a complete understanding of each stakeholder based on key criteria such as focus area, role, speaking interests, attitudes, the potential for engagement, and more.
Sentiment Analysis
Understand how stakeholder and experts think about therapy-related topics, companies, brands, and other custom-defined topics.
Network Visualization
Gain a new perspective on your stakeholder ecosystem with interactive network visualization. Uncover hidden KOLs, drill into institutions, and track how new ideas move through the stakeholder community.
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Custom Research Overlays
Glean new stakeholder insights with custom primary research. Combine survey results and third-party research with KOL profiles to uncover a more robust understanding of the ecosystem’s preferences, sentiment, activities and relationships.
Segmentation Models
Easy-to-use software helps you segment stakeholders by scientific impact, experience, institutional affiliation, network, sentiment, and more. This fine-grained segmentation plus ongoing expert support enables highly targeted engagement planning.
Data Privacy Management
Veeva KOL Data addresses data privacy, opt-in or changes in regulation before data is delivered, and is the only KOL data provider certified by EUROPRISE on behalf of all European governments.

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