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Season 2, Episode 8

Putting Patient Data at the Heart of Your Strategy

Guest: Terttu Haring, president of sites and patients, Syneos Health
Guest: Leonie Christianson, director, R&D advisory, Syneos Health

In this episode, Richard Young speaks with Terttu Haring and Leonie Christianson from Syneos Health. Nowadays, clinical data managers have the tools to collect insights from large volumes of data. But has this influx of data and tech caused us to move farther away from the patients we serve? This episode outlines the major opportunities for life sciences organizations to put patients back at the heart of clinical strategy.

Season 2

Season 1

Episode 7

Sites Are Voicing Their Concerns, But Are We Listening?

Vivienne van de Walle, Medical Director & Founder, PT&R
Bree Burks, VP, Site Solutions Strategy, Veeva

In this week’s episode, Richard Young speaks to Vivienne van de Walle, medical director and founder of PT&R (an independent research site in the Netherlands), and Bree Burks. In this episode, Vivienne and Bree explain the tangible ways that sites (and patients) are hurt by inconsistent technology and the steps to make it better.

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Episode 6

Transforming Clinical Operations: What Comes Next?

Emma Earl, Head of Clinical Trial Management Services and Solutions, Bayer

In this episode, Richard Young speaks with Bayer’s Head of Clinical Trial Management Services and Solutions, Emma Earl. Together they outline the major opportunities and the missing ingredients for delivering efficient and patient-centric clinical trials.

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Episode 5: Special Episode

The State of Clinical Trials in the U.K. and Europe

Chris Moore, President, Veeva Europe

We have a special episode for you this week! In a twist to our usual format, Nicole Raleigh of Pharmaphorum is in the host seat interviewing Veeva’s Chris Moore about his outlook on clinical trials in the U.K. and Europe.

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Episode 4

Clinical Data Innovation In A Non-EDC Centric World

Patrick Nadolny, global head of clinical data management, Sanofi

This week, Richard Young speaks to Patrick Nadolny, global head of clinical data management, Sanofi.

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Episode 3

Takeaways from Veeva's R&D and Quality North America Summit

Guest: Jim Reilly, VP, Development Cloud Strategy, Veeva

They discuss learnings from Veeva’s recent North American R&D and Quality Summit — including observations and trends from hundreds of biopharmas.

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Special Edition

Evolution du Data Management Clinique

Guests: Vincent Rolland d’Idorsia

Vincent Rolland d’Idorsia et François Caijo de Veeva, deux passionnés de la data clinique, échangent autour de l’évolution du Data Management Clinique et se projettent dans l’avenir..

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Episode 2

Debunking the Myths of AI

Guests: Andy Cooper, CEO of Cluepoints

Does ChatGPT understand data from clinical trials? Andy Cooper, CEO of Cluepoints, explains why industry context will be critical for the success of AI and machine learning initiatives in clinical data.

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Episode 1

Does Patient Choice Equal Site Headaches?

Guests: Helen Shaw, Co-Founder and Managing Director, VCTC
Marie-Claire Flavin, Director, Customer Success, Veeva Site Solutions (EMEA)

This episode covers novel ways that sites are using technology to expand patient choice in clinical research without compromising operational efficiency.

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Episode 10

Why We Need to Expand Patient Choice in Clinical Trials

Guest: Tim Davis, Vice President of Strategy for MyVeeva for Patients

This week, Richard Young speaks to Tim Davis, Vice President of Strategy for MyVeeva for Patients. In recent years, decentralized clinical trials, patient centricity, and site centricity have become buzzwords for sponsors and CROs. But positive change starts with expanding patient choice during clinical trials.

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Episode 9

How Can We Prepare for the Future of Clinical Trials?

Guest: Rhona O’Donnell, VP, Data Management Systems and Standards at Novo Nordisk

This week, Richard Young is joined by Rhona O’Donnell, VP, Data Management Systems and Standards at Novo Nordisk. They discuss the evolution of the data management role, and how we can prepare for the future through collaboration and more effective training for the next generation.

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Episode 8

Are We Any Closer to Patient-Centric Trials?

Guest: Alan Morgan, CEO Advisor of Excelya

This week, Richard Young speaks to Alan Morgan, CEO Advisor of Excelya. In recent years, sponsors and CROs have invested heavily in “big data” tools for site selection and productivity. But has that investment paid off?

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Episode 7

Is Data Management the Glue of Modern Clinical Trials?

Guest: Luis E. Torres, Head of Clinical Programming FSPx, Labcorp

Listen to how data managers can prepare for the future of clinical trials by adopting new technologies and skills that will keep decentralized clinical teams connected.

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Episode 6

Data Managers: Driving the Future of Clinical Research

Guest: Mayank Anand, VP and Global Head of Data Strategy and Management, GSK

In this week’s conversation, hear how clinical data professionals’ roles are evolving in a world of decentralized data. It’s a great time to be a clinical data professional, they agree, as a once invisible role moves front and center to optimize trial protocols, operations, and results and speed patient access to better treatments.

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Episode 5

How Will RTSM Impact Clinical Data?

Guest: Natalie Townsend, VP Strategy, Veeva RTSM

Richard Young speaks to Natalie Townsend, the global lead for Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) strategy at Veeva. They discuss the evolution of ‘digital’ clinical trials from the early days of phone-based and spreadsheet-centered activities to the role technology is playing today.

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Episode 4

How Clean is Your Data?

Guest: Trevor Griffiths, Senior Director for Clinical Data Management, Syneos Health

Richard Young speaks to Trevor Griffiths, senior director for clinical data management at Syneos Health. Data management is becoming much more complex for CROs, as trials become larger and data sources more diverse.

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Episode 3

Will Traditional EDC Exist 10 Years From Now?

Guest: Doug Bain, Chief Technology Office, KCR

Richard Young speaks to Doug Bain, chief technology officer at KCR, a contract research organization (CRO). They discuss the role of electronic data capture (EDC) in today’s complex, dynamic clinical trial landscape.

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Episode 2

What Should Be in Your Digital Trial Toolkit?

Guest: Tanya du Plessis, Chief Data Strategist and Solutions Officer, Bioforum

Richard Young speaks to Tanya du Plessis, chief data strategist and solutions officer at Bioforum the Data Masters, a data-focused CRO. The old days of linear trial processes and pushing paper are thankfully over, presenting exciting opportunities in clinical data management.

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Episode 1

Life Sciences in Europe: Breaking Down the Barriers

Guest: Chris Moore, President, Veeva Europe

After more than two years apart, European life sciences came together in Zurich in June. There are big advances underway that will make clinical research faster, better connected, and more patient-centric. But there’s also frustration at the silo-driven approach.

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State of Digital Clinical Trials is a Veeva podcast hosted by Richard Young, Vice President, Strategy, Clinical Data at Veeva. Over the next few months, Richard will be speaking to a series of expert guests from across pharma, biotech, and CROs to discuss their experiences, challenges, and ideas for the future of digital clinical trials. Will new technology make clinical trials more patient- and site-centric?

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