Maintain central oversight and unified decision-making
Balance stakeholder committees effectively
Establish a metrics framework

Tom Zito, associate director, global content management operations at BioMarin, spoke with Veeva’s Lizzy Ross on essentials for scaling content successfully. Hear Tom’s practical insights to help you achieve omnichannel success.

Chapter 1: The Three Pillars of Omnichannel

“As you’re imparting the principles of omnichannel on people, you do need to demonstrate the fact that you have the tools to support it. And for us, that has led us to a true evaluation of all the tools we have in our suite — both content and data and elsewhere.”

Chapter 2: Establishing the Right Processes for Omnichannel

“As we layer in new processes and introduce some of the omnichannel capabilities that integrate with those processes, we wanted to be mindful of making sure the whole thing flows together. That’s where formalization comes into play; that’s where the mindset of scaling comes into play.”

Chapter 3: Using Metrics as a Guiding Principle for Omnichannel

“Metrics for us is a major guiding principle. What do we want to measure, and how do we configure around that? That will allow us to start to understand how things are working, and from there we can start to build upon that in the idea of scaling.”

Chapter 4: How to Get Started with Omnichannel

“Refine your foundations. Get really good at the basics before your eyes start to wander to the shiny new objects. Iteration is how you scale up.”

Full On-demand Webinar: 3 Essentials to Scale Content Successfully

Read more about how BioMarin prepped for omnichannel success with a scalable content model.

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