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Veeva Unveils Powerful New Digital Tools to Enable the Future of On-demand Physician Engagement.

Hear perspectives from pharma leaders and HCPs on how to most effectively engage digitally.

AstraZeneca: Reshaping the Customer Engagement Model

"Our customer-facing teams have the critical insights they need to tailor each interaction and deliver valuable, relevant experiences."

Alex Day, AstraZeneca
Innovation and Business Excellence Director

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Digital Engagement Trends and Future Perspectives

"We are going digital in all aspects of life, including healthcare. HCP-Rep digital engagement is becoming the norm."

Camilla Nero, Policlinico Universitario Fondazione Agostino Gemelli
Medical Doctor

Federico Fanti, LEO Pharma
Head of Commercial Operations

Ramon Sanmarti, Ferrer
Regional Sales Force Effectiveness Manager

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Astellas: Digital Engagement Excellence

"The face-to-face and virtual frequency has yet to find its balance. The critical point is to deliver value according to HCPs’ preferences."

Kate Pain, Astellas
Associate Director, Digital Strategy and Capabilities

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Redefining the HCP-Rep Relationship With Engage Connect

"Deepen relationships between HCPs and life sciences companies by enabling simple two-way engagement across multiple companies and brands."

Bryce Davis, Veeva
Senior Director, Commercial Strategy for Engage

Alexandre Raynaud, Veeva
Principal, Business Consulting, Europe

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Four Steps to Maximize Digital Engagement In Life Sciences

The needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) were changing long before the restrictions of the pandemic arrived, but the process was dramatically accelerated with COVID-19. Personal experiences with mobile, social, and digital technologies have driven a consumerization effect where HCPs expect a personalized, relevant, and frictionless experience.

With nearly 70%*** of all HCPs being digital natives, reps must reimagine customer engagement and embrace digital as a permanent and essential component of HCP engagement.

Download this practical guide which introduces four steps that can help you:

  • Assess your digital engagement maturity level
  • Maximize digital adoption and optimize engagement
  • Empower reps to deliver the experience HCPs want


*Veeva Pulse Data, EU comparison from March 2020 to Dec 2021
**Veeva Pulse Data, Global comparison from March 2020 to Dec 2021
***Intelligent HCP Engagement in Europe. Across Health and Veeva, 2021

Emerging Global Trends in HCP Engagement

Man and Computer icon


Increase in Virtual Rep-to-HCP Meetings*

Clock 18 min icon

17 min.

Average Meeting Duration*

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Increase in Volume of Rep-sent Emails*

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Average Email Open Rate*

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Increase in CommercialContent Volume**

Discover key findings In the 2021 Veeva Pulse Report

See how France, Italy, Spain, or Germany compare.

The Rapid Rise of Digital Engagement In Life Sciences

While digital channels offered the only alternative during the restrictions of the pandemic, a return to in-person, business-as-usual engagement seems highly unlikely. Success going forward will depend on how well and how quickly life sciences companies can adopt digital engagement as the centerpiece of a hybrid approach.

The pandemic was a catalyst for expediting digital transformation in the life sciences industry, particularly customer engagement. Adoption of digital engagement skyrocketed, with global Veeva Pulse data since March 2020 showing a fivefold increase in remote meetings and a fivefold increase in rep-sent emails.

The Consumerization of Healthcare

The needs and expectations of healthcare professionals (HCPs) were changing long before the restrictions of the pandemic came into being. Personal experiences with mobile, social, and digital technologies have driven a consumerization effect where HCPs increasingly expect personalized, relevant, and frictionless experiences.

Now that HCPs have experienced just how convenient, efficient, and timely digital interactions and channels can be, no one is predicting a return to the pre-pandemic business-as-usual model of engagement. Instead, we’re at an inflection point where companies must reimagine how they engage with their customers and embrace digital engagement as a permanent and essential component of a hybrid model going forward.

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