Veeva R&D Summit, Europe Testimonials

I think the biggest value that AstraZeneca gets from attending the Veeva Summit is actually meeting other colleagues and finding out their experiences with the Veeva products and how they go about implementing them with their companies and their experiences that they have.
Debbie Brooks, Clinical Program Manager, AstraZeneca

Veeva’s R&D Summit in Europe is the one conference that my team benefits from the most throughout the entire year.
Ms Segren Bernard, Director, Associate Director Regulatory Information Management, Norgine

It’s good to see colleagues from all walks of life. It’s not only big pharm, but you can also see SRs, a medium sized pharma, as well as biological startups. And also you get very much a close discussions directly with some of the product managers which you usually can’t find.
Mika Välilä, Senior Director, Digital Business Platforms, LEO Pharma

The key piece that I always like at summit is meeting the new customers and we share our best practices, our experiences, and initiatives. And it can inspire us to do something new.
Olivier Melis, Digital Quality Parter, UCB Pharma

What I’m looking forward to is having a few days relaxation, some good food, some good company, meeting up with old friends, making some new ones, seeing colleagues and peers, exchanging views and ideas with other people in the industry.
Mark Morris, Director of Regulatory Knowledge Management, UCB Pharma

I think what I look forward to most is the networking, the peer-to-peer interactions, getting to the talks and seeing what other people have done are how their implementations have gone or what they wouldn’t do or what they would like to do again or what they’d change in their implementations because it’s definitely a learning for me. And I think if you’re the kind of person who’s involved in systems or this is the area you’ve gone into, you’re a little bit of a nerd for these things. So I think that part of it is really interesting to me, to get to see what other people are doing and to learn from that because there’s just so many different ways you can use any system and none of us are doing it the same way, even if the platform or the infrastructure is the same.
Jacintha O’Reilly, Associate Director of Quality Systems, Horizon Therapeutics