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Fast and Accurate Clinical Coding

Veeva Vault Coder provides an intuitive interface and innovative coding tools that yield fast and accurate coding for any clinical trial. Vault Coder supports coding clinical terms for data on trial medications, adverse events, prior surgeries, medical histories, and more based on MedDRA or WHODrug dictionaries.


Minimizes Manual Coding

Code multiple requests with a single click using innovative features
to group or batch requests.

Work Quickly and Accurately

An intuitive UI that minimizes clicks, helps coders speed through terms.

Speeds Query Resolution

Unified querying with eCRFs speeds communication and resolutions with sites.


Auto-coding and Suggestions

Vault Coder will automatically code any term with an exact match in your customizable synonym lists. Close matches are provided as suggestions and ranked by relevance. Add any verbatim to the Do Not Autocode list to prevent autocoding.

Pop-out Coding Panel

For easy management of coding workstreams, Vault Coder is designed with a modular, split-screen interface. Users can simply pop-out the coding panel to view suggestions and dictionary subtabs on a second monitor.

Groupings of Identical Terms

Code a group of identical terms with a single click. The application intelligently groups terms for coding, such that users can apply the appropriate code to a group of terms with a single key stroke.

MedDRA and WHODrug Dictionary Support

Support is provided for the industry-standard World Health Organization Drug Dictionaries (WHODrug B3 and C3) and the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Affairs (MedDRA 20.0+). You can up-version forms and synonym lists to current licensed versions.

Batches of Equivalent Terms

Coders can run verbatim searches to identify variations of a unique term, such as Acetaminophen and Paracetamol. Relevant results can be batched together and coded with a single key stroke.

Unified with EDC

Code requests are generated automatically at form submission and code values are stored directly within Vault EDC. When a form change in EDC affects a coded property, Vault Coder manages all aspects of the change management workflow automatically, reducing manual efforts across all users.

Customizable Synonym Lists

Synonym lists are customizable and can be maintained at the form level or across studies. Manual coding helps populate your synonym list, increasing auto-coding hit rates in the future.

Operational Dashboards and Reports

Track operational status and metrics for clinical coding including: coding statuses, pending coding, percent coded vs auto-coded, MedDRA code assignments, WHODrug code assignments, and query status. Drill down on query status reports to see pending queries or even the complete discussion thread with sites regarding each query.

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