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Aktana equips life science companies with the decision support technology to quickly evaluate mountains of data, extracting only what’s relevant and valuable at the time of decision. With brand strategy as a starting point, Aktana analyzes market data, channel activity and HCP preference to provide life science companies with the insights, clarity and guidance to deliver the right information at the right time to physicians and their patients. In fact, more than half of the world’s top-20 pharmaceutical companies rely on Aktana to put complex data into context, coordinate channel activity and improve sales effectiveness by up to 30 percent.
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2.Drcom is a boutique communication agency specialized in medical communication and a pioneer in Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) and digital multichannel strategy in life sciences. Our crew and tech team will bring you to new frontiers. OUR MISSION? To explore new horizons and boldly go where no medical man has gone before. As a human sized agency, our culture is to build a partnership with our clients to take you further than anyone else.
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WPP是全球最大的广告传媒集团。为向医疗健康领域客户提供高效整合服务,集合旗下各品牌的优势资源与力量成立了面向医疗健康领域的子品牌——WPP Health Practice。在中国,主要成员企业包括施达勒脉达思和医界,为生命科学企业的营销提供从市场准入、策略咨询到传播执行的整体解决方案。
WPP is the world’s largest advertising media group. To provide efficient and high-quality services to our clients in healthcare field, WPP has established a sub-brand WPP Health Practice, integrating rich resources from its competitive agencies. In China, the main entities include Sudler MDS and Drlink, which provide overall marketing solutions from market access and strategy consulting to communication execution services for life science companies.
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