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Continuous Publishing

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Learn how continuous publishing reduces rework and delays.
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Veeva Vault Submissions Publishing

Vault Submissions Publishing moves cross-document hyperlinking upstream and performs validations behind-the-scenes for greater automation, transparency, and speed.


Comprehensive Oversight

Manage end-to-end submission development within a single system.

Streamlined Process

Gain direct access to the correct version without manual tracking or document transfers.

Greater Efficiency

Regulatory publishing steps are completed earlier—during submission authoring and approvals.

Unified RIM

Connect end-to-end regulatory processes and improve efficiency with the Vault RIM Suite.


Assisted Submission Building

Eliminate manual steps with rule-based auto-matching between the submission content and the submission outline.

Submission Independent Hyperlinking

Create hyperlinks that are independent of the submission structure so they can be used earlier in the process during document reviews and reused across multiple submissions.

Background Validation

Automate validation and link testing with a behind-the-scenes service that identifies problems as submissions are being built.

Submission-ready Rendering

Automatically render all documents with the correct PDF standards. Navigate web links, cross references, and tables of contents directly from the viewer.

Real-time Status Reporting

Gain visibility into the complete submission process including submission status and individual document readiness.

Gateway Integration

Transfer submissions through health authority electronic submission gateways, automatically archiving all gateway receipts and responses.

eCTD and Non-eCTD Support

Stay compliant with eCTD and non-eCTD standards across the globe.

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