The Right Content for the
Right Manufacturing Station

A modern, easy-to-use mobile application that ensures the
right content is always available for the right station on the
manufacturing floor.

Making life easier for quality organizations.
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Veeva Vault Station Manager

Greater demands on manufacturing are accelerating digitization. With more complex supply chains and a shift towards multi-product manufacturing facilities, companies must transform operations to enable agility. Digitalizing content and processes allows better support of new business requirements and engages operators – boosting compliance.


Always Up-to-date

Ensure stations on the shop floor always have current content.

Increase Speed and Efficiency

Enable operators to quickly find and access the right information – improving compliance.

Centralize Content Management

Reduce risk and overhead with centralized management, distribution, and tracking of quality content on each station and device.

Single Source of Truth

Seamlessly manage content in Vault QualityDocs and deliver it onto mobile tablets with Vault Station Manager.


Mobile Application

Designed for the manufacturing floor. Operators can use tablet devices to access content from anywhere.

Station and Device Specific Content

Centrally manage and automatically deliver station-specific content to approved tablets.

Automatic Content Synchronization

Automatically synchronize content at each station and device with newly approved versions.

Offline Access

Local copies ensure continuous access to content when offline or during an internet outage.

Robust Audit Trails

Detailed audit trails capture information including every document and version in use on each device.

Reports and Dashboards

Leverage reports and dashboards to see and track content in use at each facility, station, or device.

Multiple Content Formats

Support for documents and videos allows the sharing of content such as work instructions in the preferred format.

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