Veeva Vault LIMS

Optimize Quality Control Labs
for Real-Time Batch Release

Increase efficiency and productivity with
unified lab and quality processes.

Announced 2021
Status Early

Vault LIMS is a laboratory information management system that
manages quality control in GMP manufacturing. It tracks samples to
the lab for digital method execution, calculations, specification
adherence, and final review.

Vault LIMS displays procedures from Vault QualityDocs, initiates
a Vault QMS lab investigation from an out-of-specification (OOS)
result, displays QMS quality events for batch review, and utilizes
user training records in Vault Training for lab assignments and
system access.

Why Vault LIMS

Faster, more agile quality control

  • Accelerate batch release

    Speed time to market and reduce inventory costs with a unified lab and quality ecosystem.
  • Increase lab productivity

    Enable real-time information access across lab users and partners with a modern user experience.
  • Increase accuracy and reliability

    Improve test speed, reliability, and accuracy with automated industry-standard digital workflows.


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