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Efficiency and Effectiveness

Ensuring role-based qualifications and training compliance.

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Veeva Vault Training

Vault Training ensures job readiness and compliance by creating and managing role-based training requirements. Unifying document management and training, Vault Training enables life sciences companies to manage authoring, approval, assignment, and assessment of critical training materials in one place.


Simplify Qualification Management

Quickly create and manage sophisticated role-based training matrices.

Greater Training Compliance

Gain a complete view of upcoming or completed training tasks and status to demonstrate inspection readiness.

Gain Speed and Efficiency

Seamlessly manage training content with the delivery of time-sensitive assignments with a unified suite of quality applications.


Role-based Training

Easily assign training tasks based on job function or role. Track and complete training tasks or monitor status using a role-based home page.

End-to-end Training Content Management

Seamlessly manage the complete lifecycle of training content – from presentations to curricula leveraging automated workflow – in one application.

Flexible Dashboards and Reports

Track, monitor, and demonstrate employee qualifications and competencies, or see training assignment status with delivered dashboards and reports, or create your own.

Quizzes and Assessments

Ensure competency with flexible, easy-to-configure quizzes. Learners can review question-level feedback to help remediate incorrect answers.

Automated Training Management and Distribution

Trigger training tasks based on quality events, such as approval of relevant content changes, CAPA plans, periodic reviews, or retraining. Automate training assignments based on job functions or roles.

Regulatory Compliant LMS

Easily demonstrate compliance with comprehensive audit trails, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures, and pre-validated system.

Training Matrices

Manage assignment maps by defining and viewing curricula and/or training tasks based on job functions or roles for knowledge and skill development, and qualification.

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