reduction in custom data warehouse expenses
increase in follow-up with Veeva CRM Suggestions
reductions of data load times with Veeva Nitro
faster territory alignments
with Veeva Align

Antares Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company that creates auto-injection products to administer pain-free treatments. Antares also designs and builds auto injectors for many pharmaceutical partners. As their business grew and the complexity of data management increased, Antares needed to unify data management and commercial activities to increase efficiency and deliver accurate information to the sales team.

Replacing disparate systems, Antares chose Veeva Commercial Cloud for intelligent customer engagement, greater agility, and efficiency throughout commercial operations. With Veeva, Antares gained an integrated solution that provides sales reps with data and intelligent insights for better healthcare provider (HCP) engagements.

The Challenge: Managing Disparate Data Sources

Previously, Antares purchased customer reference data from multiple vendors and maintained a custom data warehouse—which was complicated and labor-intensive. Updates were managed by a vendor, limiting Antares’ ability to make attribute changes which cost as much as $1,200-$10,000 per change depending on complexity. Sales reps had to access several portals for account information, which was often incomplete and out of date. With a team of two in sales operations, Antares needed an integrated solution to improve sales operations.

Sal Paolozza, senior director of sales operations at Antares, sought to re-engineer Antares’ sales operations infrastructure with two goals in mind. “Cloud was a priority. We wanted an integrated CRM solution, master data management system, and data warehouse,” states Paolozza. “We needed centralized data and the ability to provide clean data to our sales team.”

“During a product launch, we were able to adjust our field strategy several times. Due to the flexibility of Veeva Commercial Cloud, we quickly adapted new business requirements enabling sales to be successful from day one. I’m very impressed by how fast we can make changes to impact sales—that is key for my organization. ” Sal Paolozza, Senior Director of Sales Operations – Antares Pharma

The Solution: Veeva Commercial Cloud

After evaluating several commercial solution providers, Antares chose Veeva as its strategic partner for commercial technology. Veeva Commercial Cloud combines customer engagement, customer data, a next-generation commercial data warehouse, and artificial intelligence (AI) for a complete commercial cloud solution built specifically for life sciences.

With an integrated approach to commercial operations, Antares now provides sales reps with rich, complete data to target HCPs with personalized engagement. Paolozza states, “For a small organization, the ability to push your reps intelligence-backed information is key—for example, identifying the right physician and patient population. The better the information, the more successful our sales reps are.”

Hear how Antares uses Veeva Nitro to drive rep behavior.

The Results: Intelligent Customer Engagement

After their success with multichannel Veeva CRM, Antares implemented Veeva Nitro, a next-generation commercial data warehouse; Veeva Align for strategic territory management; Veeva Network Customer Master for master data management (MDM); and Veeva OpenData for accurate, up-to-date customer data.

All data sources are unified in Veeva Nitro and fully integrated with Veeva CRM, giving Antares a single source of truth. Changes made in one area are available for immediate insights and analysis throughout the Veeva environment. For example, adding a field in Veeva Nitro can be quickly viewed in Veeva CRM and is available for reporting.

Powerful analytics and AI provide intelligent insights that drive sales strategies such as next-best actions, engagement channels, commercial content, and territory alignments. By eliminating the creation and maintenance of a custom data warehouse, MDM, and enhancements, as well as additional sales operations headcount, Antares estimates a costreduction of 75% for infrastructure support and customization with Veeva Commercial Cloud.

Managing one complete solution allows Paolozza to focus on more strategic activities—such as how to expand the sales force and extend market reach. “With a single vendor like Veeva where everything works together, we can be agile, more strategic, and drive sales results,” said Paolozza.

Antares’ Success with Veeva Commercial Cloud

  • With Veeva CRM, Antares increased sales rep productivity and efficiency by providing actionable insights such as identifying target patient populations and when to follow up with an account. The system easily scaled as the number of sales reps tripled from 30 to 90.
  • Training sales reps on fewer solutions, ease of use, and familiarity with Veeva reduced Veeva CRM training time by two days per sales rep, saving Antares thousands of dollars in application training.
  • Veeva Nitro unifies Antares’ data sources and syncs automatically with Veeva CRM saving countless hours in data warehouse maintenance. Veeva Nitro slashed data load time from 6 hours to 45 minutes and reduced custom reporting time from 1 week to 2 hours.
  • Veeva OpenData arms sales reps with the most reliable, up-to-date reference data to engage HCPs. Integrated with Veeva CRM, detailed customer profiles—including all specialties and classes of trade—empower sales reps to build productive relationships. Paolozza states, “Our sales reps love Veeva OpenData because they have expanded, up-to-date physician contact and license information and that makes their jobs 100% easier.”
  • Veeva Network, an MDM application built specifically for life sciences, consolidates all customer information allowing Antares to profile customers faster, increasing productivity and boosting engagement.
  • Antares strategically aligns territories based on HCP potential and geography with Veeva Align. Alignment changes are executed 75% faster than the previous system. Sales reps can also provide feedback within Veeva CRM, eliminating manual processes.
  • Veeva Commercial Cloud solutions took less than six weeks to implement and less than three months to refine and adopt across the business—considerably lower than the six months to a year required for third-party custom builds.
  • Antares added Veeva CRM Engage and Veeva CRM Approved Email to leverage more digital channels to reach and engage HCPs. With Veeva CRM Approved Email, Antares’ virtual sales reps have increased the number of daily engagements with targeted HCPs. CRM Engage Meeting enables reps to meet online with hard-to-reach HCPs for live two-way conversations.

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