"We've increased customer interactions by 30% with Veeva CRM Approved Email. Our field teams are perceived as trusted advisors and the customer receives valuable information whenever and wherever they want." - Director of Global Commercial Solutions

Success Highlights

  • Provided 300 reps with compliant email capabilities for two blockbuster drug launches
  • Achieved email open rates of 60%—3x higher than industry average
  • Increased interaction with customers by 30%
  • Quickly responded to business needs and customer preferences by delivering updated email templates within 24 hours
  • Enhanced brand, medical, and sales collaboration with one system for email content management, distribution, and analysis

The Challenge: Expanding Reps’ Ability to Reach Customers

With two blockbuster drug launches on the horizon, a global biopharmaceutical company sought a new way to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) to supplement face-to-face interactions and educate about new products. Giving field teams the ability to send personalized email to customers would increase engagement and deliver valuable scientific information outside of office visits. At the same time, the company had to ensure its teams only sent approved, compliant content to HCPs. They needed an email solution that was built for life sciences.

The Solution: Veeva CRM Approved Email

The company chose Veeva CRM Approved Email to extend face-to-face conversations with HCPs and deliver personalized content that drives awareness throughout product launches. The solution lets reps and medical science liaisons (MSLs) email customers using only content that has passed medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) review. Field teams can easily send compliant emails from the system where they work every day: Veeva CRM.

“Veeva CRM is a key component of our commercial strategy and helps us serve our customers in a more meaningful way,” said the organization’s director of global commercial solutions. “Veeva CRM Approved Email opened a new channel for our reps to connect more with customers and keep them informed at each stage of our product launches.”

The Results: Increased Sales Performance

More than 300 reps and MSLs across the United States, 10 European markets, and Australia gained the ability to email approved content to customers. The company saw positive results across the business soon after it opened the new communication channel.

More Customer Interactions and Smarter Rep Decisions

Veeva CRM Approved Email became a key solution to increase customer engagement throughout product launches. Reps and MSLs continuously educate HCPs through emails that include testimonial and peer videos, patient cases, and in-depth disease knowledge as links and attachments.

“We’ve increased customer interaction by 30% with Veeva CRM Approved Email,” said the director of global commercial solutions. “Our field teams are perceived as trusted advisors, and the customer receives valuable information whenever and wherever they want.”

The company has seen consistent favorable responses to rep emails from HCPs. Open rates are often triple the industry average of 20%. “With Veeva CRM Approved Email, we constantly see 40-60% open rates with few unsubscribes,” said the director of global commercial solutions.

Email reports and dashboards built into the solution give field teams actionable data to make informed decisions with their accounts. They can identify the content to which customers respond best and cater outreach accordingly. Brand and medical teams also build and refine content based on the data.

Combining analytics from Veeva CRM Approved Email and Veeva CLM, which reps use to tailor sales calls, helps the company understand customers better to engage more effectively. “We’re using Veeva CRM, Veeva CLM, and Veeva CRM Approved Email to achieve a full 360-degree view of our customers,” said the director of global commercial solutions. “We can serve them better by analyzing all touchpoints.”

Easy Onboarding for Field Teams

Reps did not need to learn a new email system before the launches due to their familiarity with Veeva CRM. They can easily send approved content from a Veeva CLM presentation, call report, or during account planning.

“Veeva CRM Approved Email offers a straightforward and pragmatic integration of email content into Veeva CRM,” the director of global commercial solutions said. “It’s a great vehicle to guide customers to key opinion leader (KOL) videos and electronic continuing medical education (eCME) programs.”

“Veeva CRM Approved Email opened a new channel for our reps to connect more with customers and keep them informed at each stage of our product launches.” — Director of Global Commercial Solutions

Customer responses to emails go directly to the sender. That way, reps remain the primary point of contact for HCPs and can quickly respond to product questions. Other groups in the organization, such as compliance, can be copied on emails and responses to provide oversight.

Streamlined Content Management and Distribution

Managing email templates is easy for the organization. Veeva CRM Approved Email includes a multichannel repository that manages content across all Veeva CRM channels, providing a single source of compliant materials. Brand and medical teams can automatically push updates to the field and withdraw content with one click to ensure HCPs always receive current content.

Teams in the United States and Australia also simplify content review with Veeva Vault PromoMats, which combines digital asset management (DAM) capabilities with MLR review in a single enterprise cloud application. Reviewing and approving new or updated email content can take organizations weeks to months to complete. Veeva Vault PromoMats provides a system to streamline processes and move faster. The company can update templates based on customer preferences and make them available through Veeva CRM Approved Email within 24 hours.

“We regularly create new email templates for different opportunities,” said the director of global commercial solutions. “Our teams can collaborate closely and maximize agility with content managed in Veeva Vault PromoMats and distributed through Veeva CRM Approved Email.”

What’s Next: Expanding Digital Engagement with Veeva

Following its success with email, the company is planning to implement additional communication channels. They are piloting Veeva CRM Engage Meeting to enable reps to connect with HCPs through easy and compliant video and web conferencing for online meetings.

Veeva CRM Approved Email helped the company strengthen its connection with customers at a critical time. They were able to quickly mobilize reps with email capabilities before two blockbuster drug launches to engage HCPs more frequently and effectively. Field teams can now deliver compelling content to continuously educate customers outside of face-to-face meetings without the regulatory risk associated with traditional email.

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