Meet the Inspiring Leaders Driving Change in Drug Development

Each year at Veeva R&D and Quality Summit, Europe, we recognize Veeva Heroes. These are individuals who have gone above and beyond to drive innovation and make a significant difference within their organization and industry.

Scott Brannigan
Verena Haupt
Verena’s proactive approach to project management is exceptional within the medical affairs team at Bayer. Her extensive knowledge and dynamic leadership enabled Bayer to successfully implement Veeva Vault Clinical Suite. Bayer is now able to track non-interventional studies and funding requests as well as monitor approvals.

Stephen Nabarro
Stephen is an advocate for using modern technologies to drive the clinical trials industry forward. He was pivotal in Cancer Research UK in moving from paper to Veeva Vault eTMF. He clearly defined project objectives and supported thorough process documentation, working closely with Veeva to optimize the solution.

Scott Brannigan
Segren Bernard
Segren led a highly collaborative effort to unify document management with regulatory affairs data at Norgine. She has helped Norgine on a journey to full Veeva Vault RIM adoption and is now the organization’s internal RIM expert. With a clear vision and strategy, Segren has enabled Norgine to become more data driven and efficient.

Scott Brannigan
Olivier Melis
As the system and technology lead at UCB, Olivier is recognized for encouraging best practices and striving for efficiency in their system implementations. He has improved internal reporting capabilities through the implementation of Veeva Vault QualityDocs. Olivier actively assisted the improvement of quality and compliance. Consequently, UCB can now easily connect with partners to share and approve documents.

Andres Nielsen
Andres is focused on modernizing quality management for Alvotech and the industry. He provided invaluable expertise, working closely with Veeva to enhance product functionality. Andres has been the champion behind Alvotech’s adoption of Veeva Vault Quality Suite. His leadership on this project has eliminated manual processes, achieved cost savings, and enabled Alvotech to more easily meet compliance requirements.

Nuno Galante Valério, Matthias Schablowski-Trautmann, and Marion Pillwein
Nuno, Matthias, and Marion have worked tirelessly to harmonize and streamline quality processes at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Through the adoption of Veeva Vault QMS and global collaborative efforts, the organization has advanced its ability to identify and reduce risk.

Congratulations to all the Veeva Heroes for their remarkable achievements!

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