Veeva Engage Portal

Self-Directed Digital
Interactions for HCPs

Compliant online self-service portals for
better HCP engagement.

Veeva CRM Engage for Portals

Capture immediate insights and preferences from digital interactions.



Enable a cohesive online experience across all brands and channels.


Better customer understanding and real-time insights into digital activity.

Better Return on Digital Spend

Ensure greater reuse of messaging across channels to improve your promotional impact.


Interactive Media Viewer

  • Displays content, images, and videos on your website tailored for each interaction
  • Delivers rich multimedia content
  • Available on the device of the HCPs choice

Complete Customer Profiles

  • Uses multichannel customer profiles from Veeva CRM
  • Delivers the right mix of rich content based on customer’s needs and preferences
  • Eliminates the burden of integrations

Single Source of Content

  • Complete multichannel repository to manage content across channels
  • Simplifies access to promotional asset
  • Ensures visibility and control

Actionable Insights

  • Provides rich customer insights
  • Automatically captures data from each interaction
  • Real-time updated to Veeva CRM

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