How to Switch to Veeva OpenData?

Switching to better customer reference data is easy

You need better customer data to improve commercial planning and execution. And yet, 64% of commercial operations are not satisfied that their legacy customer data provides a complete and real-time view1. Veeva OpenData is a better alternative for customer reference data.

Switching is easy.

Step 1: Match your legacy data with Veeva OpenData. To make the process simple and legally-compliant, we provide a data matcher.

Step 2: Identify and test the applications that use Veeva OpenData. Impact analysis for key business processes, such as territory alignment or transparency reporting will ensure no disruption from the switch.

Step 3: Switch to Veeva OpenData and realize the business benefits from quality customer reference data. The integration with Veeva CRM means your field reps will have access faster to quality data for greater multichannel execution and customer engagements.

It is that simple – and no TPA required.

For more information, watch a replay of the data switch webinar, download the data switch infographic, or contact us.

1Source: 2016 European Customer Data Survey – Spotlight on Commercial Operations

Three steps to better customer reference data.
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