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In a constantly changing world, up-to-date customer data is foundational for digital success.

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of HCPs in Europe moved or changed roles last year*

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of HCPs in Europe changed specialty last year*

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of pharma companies view customer data as a strategic asset**

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are planning data enhancement initiatives**

Gain insights into building a
data-driven foundation

A data-driven business model is essential for digital transformation, but life sciences companies still face numerous challenges to achieving it. To build a more data-driven culture, companies should start by investing in the right foundations.

In the eBook Four Foundations of a Data-Driven Company, you’ll learn:

  • Who should own business data
  • Key requirements for data-driven infrastructure and decision-making
  • How to gain sales team adoption

Hear perspectives from leading pharma companies on how they are successfully using customer data to drive their digital transformations.


Hear how Novartis gains a 360 degree view of HCPs with OpenData


Bayer: Advancing Digital Transformation with Data & Technology

“The key to a great customer experience is personalization. This is now possible thanks to our data-driven digital transformation.”

Angela Genco
Head of integrated multichannel marketing and sales at Bayer Italy


Norgine & Alexion: Driving Change Through Strategic Data Management

“The database is the heart of our company. It is very important that we are all pulling information from the same source, so we can speak the same language.”

Koen Janssens
Associate director, field force effectiveness at Norgine

Norgine & Alexion:
Amplifying Engagement Through Strategic Data Management

European data leaders share their insights.

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Best Practices to Strengthen your Customer Data Foundation

eBook 6 Tips for Accelerating Digital Transformation
Customer Story Hear how Novartis gains a 360 degree view of HCPs with OpenData
Case study Alnylam: Engaging with a Broader Healthcare Ecosystem
Checklist Assess Your Customer Reference Data Provider
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