Veeva Vault eSource
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Veeva Vault eSource enables clinical sites to enter patient data directly into an easy-to-use mobile application, eliminating the need for paper data capture and transcription to the EDC. Vault eSource transforms site data collection and management to deliver immediate data quality, eliminating wasted time and cost. Veeva is the only provider that delivers eSource and EDC on the same platform, enabling real-time collaboration between sponsors, CROs, and sites on source data.

Vault eSource joins Vault EDC, Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF, and Vault Study Startup as part of the Vault Clinical Suite, the only suite of unified cloud applications for clinical operations and data management—spanning study startup to archive.

Veeva Vault eSource is planned for availability in December 2017.


  • Get quality data right from the source: Faster insights, improved data quality, and real-time access empowers users to make confident data-driven decisions. Investigators spend less time on administrative tasks and more time seeing patients.
  • Reduce trial costs: Eliminate transcription of data from source documents to EDC, significantly reducing source data verification by clinical monitors.
  • Accelerate trial time: Speed clinical trial cycle time by reducing on-site monitoring, gaining immediate access to source data, and decreasing data verification.
  • Unified clinical: Part of the most comprehensive suite of clinical applications on a single cloud platform to unify clinical operations and data management.


Vault eSource empowers sites to streamline operations and tailor their trial approach. The ability to easily reuse Vault eSource designs reduces cycle times and start-up complexity. Sponsors and CROs can also design study-specific documents and share them with other sites, ensuring greatest leverage from more advanced sites.
To maximize accessibility and ease-of-use, Vault eSource will be available as both web and mobile applications. Vault eSource meets the most stringent global data protection laws and is designed to ensure patient privacy.

Sponsors are able to electronically share case report form designs with sites, providing all required data collection forms, fields, and validation rules. Sites can extend case report forms to efficiently create tailored electronic source documents.
Together, Vault eSource and Vault EDC provide a single source of truth, eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing on-site verification, and improving real-time collaboration between sites, sponsors, and CROs.
Vault eSource allows sites to develop their own clinical data forms and analysis. This lowers the cost and complexity associated with investigator initiated trials.