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Six of the Top 20 Pharma Select Veeva Vault EDC as Company Standard for New Trials

Companies move to Veeva Vault EDC for greater speed and efficiency

BARCELONA, Spain – 23 Feb. 2023 — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced increasing adoption of Veeva Vault EDC as leading organizations – including 6 of the top 20 pharma – move to modernize clinical data management. Benefitting from Vault EDC’s advanced data capabilities to streamline study build and data processing, companies can achieve significant savings in time, effort, and cost and provide a better research site experience.

With increasing trial complexity, biopharmaceutical companies need agile systems that allow clinical teams to design, start, execute, and amend all types of studies quickly. Vault EDC delivers dynamic design tools that automate manual processes and enable faster study builds. As the trial progresses, Vault EDC users can make amendments without costly data migrations.

“The industry is making significant progress in its move to patient-centric trials,” said Richard Young, vice president, Vault CDMS at Veeva. “We are committed to delivering the innovation data managers need to balance complex scientific efforts with the operational excellence that will advance clinical data management. Thanks to our customers, especially our early adopters, for partnering closely with us in the past few years as we have matured our product offerings.”

Vault EDC is part of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite and integrates with Veeva Vault CTMS to provide a seamless data flow for efficient operations and a superior user interface and workflow for CRAs and other clinical professionals.

What the industry is saying about Veeva Vault EDC

“Using Veeva Vault EDC’s innovative capabilities, we have seen a 30 to 35% improvement in study build timelines compared to what we did before 2021,” said Mayank Anand, vice president and global head of data strategy and management at GSK. “Veeva is a key part of our data strategy for the future.”

“While working with different CROs, Veeva Vault EDC gives us consistency in our data, speeding study builds and amendments,” said Evelyn Dorsey, director of data management at Cara Therapeutics. “We’re now able to leverage flexible reporting to share custom metrics and provide easy access to CRO team members, simplifying collaboration and increasing overall efficiency.”

“We are thrilled to evolve our partnership to include Veeva Vault EDC as part of our standard operating model,” said Mark Morais, COO at Labcorp Drug Development. “Veeva EDC has helped us modernize our data operations, build and amend studies faster, and ultimately deliver trial data more effectively.”

“We’re focused on running global adaptive platform for PHASE-I, II, and III trials with large patient populations and needed an electronic data capture system that can keep up with the dynamic nature of our studies,” said Michael Lambert, vice president, data management at Platform Life Sciences. “With Veeva Vault EDC, we can incorporate changes to our data pipeline or protocol to gain insights faster. This allows us to respond quickly to modifications for the CRF or ICF and keep trials moving forward.”

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