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Veeva CRM Engage for Events Management

Capture the value of a fully integrated solution.



Optimize speaker and attendee management and get a complete view to tailor your event strategies.


Maintain budgets and regulatory requirements by tracking all events in a single system.


Enterprise approach to streamline, simplify, and harmonize remote engagements.


Expand Your Events Virtually

Expand customer engagement by turning any event into a virtual event with Veeva CRM Engage.

  • Built on Veeva CRM Events Management for simple webinar scheduling and execution using industry-leading Zoom technology
  • Integrated voice and video to deliver speaker content to hundreds of attendees
  • Intuitive user interface with minimal training required
Expand Your Events Virtually

Streamlined Processes Across All Event Types

Embedded in Veeva CRM Events Management to provide unified processes for approval, budgeting, and tracking of the HCP before and after the event.

  • Sent invitations directly from Veeva CRM Approved Email
  • Create, execute, and close out events faster
  • Understand where customers joined or left the webinar
Streamlined Processes Across All Event Types

Ensure Compliance

Meet the life science industry’s strict regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Veeva CRM integration makes it easy to ensure the right attendees participate in your virtual event
  • Leverage QR self sign-in for hybrid events
  • All actions automatically tracked and recorded in Veeva CRM
Ensure Compliance

Complete Customer View

Capture rich insights from each interaction and across all channels.

  • Updated in real-time in Veeva CRM to respond quickly to customer needs
  • View Engage for Events activity in the account timeline
  • Enterprise-approach to streamline, simplify, and harmonize virtual engagements
Complete Customer View