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As office access to healthcare professionals (HCPs) grows more restricted, life sciences is looking to expand digital engagement, without losing the personalization of face-to-face meetings. User-guided online meetings marry the two, offering the flexibility of online access and the relationship-building of a face-to-face engagement. Until now, reps have been limited by fragmented technology that makes it difficult to manage remote calls in CRM, and share multichannel content. Similarly, HCPs struggle to use different presentation technologies from each company, making digital interaction frustrating.

Veeva CRM Engage Meeting makes online meetings with healthcare providers easy and compliant. Embedded in CRM as part of a rep’s workflow, Engage Meeting allows easy reuse of approved CLM content. And because Engage Meeting is delivered through Veeva CRM, it enables – for the first time – a common industry platform for online meetings. Leveraging a single solution to communicate with life sciences greatly simplifies accessibility for HCPs, improving their experience and opening new avenues for digital interaction.

Veeva CRM Engage Meeting Functionality in Zoom and Microsoft Teams
Veeva CRM Engage Meeting capabilities will extend to Zoom and Microsoft Teams beginning January 2021. Seamless integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams enables customers to benefit from the same innovative functionality in Veeva CRM Engage Meeting across any platform. Learn more here.

  • Improve customer engagement: Deliver the information your customers need with convenient and compliant online content sharing and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity and reach: Ensure greater coverage, frequency, and reach with the same resources.
  • Enable content reuse and compliance: Stay on message, with compliance, ensuring your teams use only approved or existing CLM content.
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Embedded in Veeva CRM

A common industry platform that makes remote interactions easy and compliant as part of a rep’s natural workflow.

  • Schedule, launch, and send invites with a few clicks
  • Reuse compliant Veeva CLM content with automated content tracking and recording
  • Track and record all remote detail activity in CRM for further reporting and insights
Compliant for Life Sciences

Veeva CRM Engage Meeting is built to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the life sciences industry.

  • Deliver invitations via Veeva CRM Approved Email
  • Control the distribution, withdrawal, and display of approved content
  • Capture HCP signature for remote drug sampling requests in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA requirements
Easy for HCPs

A user-friendly experience makes it easy for customers to join remote meetings and get the information they need at a time most convenient for them.

  • Connect with two-way video conferencing
  • Enable HCPs to join via any device, eliminating the need for workarounds or cumbersome software installations
  • Track customer sentiment in real-time with a simple click
Suited for Remote Order Negotiation

Field reps can capture sales orders remotely using Engage Meeting. Reps negotiate the order quantities and discounts while sharing the order capture screen directly with the customer. Remote Order Negotiation maximizes value:

  • Ensures participation in ordering across all products in your portfolio
  • Grants visibility on upsell messages and fast access to Veeva CRM MyInsights reports to increase order value
  • Assists in objection handling during the sales process through seamless integration to Veeva CLM slides

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