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A quick start solution for small and mid-sized companies

Within weeks, your company could be using Veeva CRM, the life science industry’s most advanced cloud-based multichannel CRM system! To help you rapidly realise value, we’ve created a special program, Veeva QuickStart, specifically for small and medium-sized life sciences organisations. We will deploy Veeva CRM in your organisation for a fixed and affordable price, enabling new processes and functionality in no time at all.

Through extensive work with life sciences organisations, we’ve already configured our CRM system to meet industry needs, so your sales teams can enjoy rich functionality in a ready-to-use solution. Plus, Veeva’s robust multitenant, cloud-based CRM platform can scale quickly to meet your business demands, so whether you are bringing new products to market, growing your organisation or moving into new therapeutic areas, you will never outgrow your CRM system again.

Now you can bypass both complex systems that are inflexible, difficult to implement and expensive to maintain, and fully customised generic solutions that weren’t designed for the life sciences industry.

The Veeva CRM QuickStart program offers best-in-class functionality to manage relationships, enhance customer interactions and drive sales productivity. It comes complete with the planning and reporting tools for managing your Primary Care, Specialty Care, Key Opinion Leader and Key Account relationships. In time and as needed, you can add other features and products to Veeva CRM to further enhance your customer insight and interactions, such as send compliant emails to customers using Veeva CRM Approved Email.
Veeva CRM delivers major system enhancements three times a year – at no additional cost and without interruption to your service. Thanks to the cloud-based platform, updates happen automatically, behind the scenes, without disruption – just turn on the features that are right for you.
Our Professional Services team will handle the implementation for you, facilitating and accelerating the process so your new CRM system can be live within weeks. With the Veeva QuickStart program, you can select the level of administrative support (self-administered or Veeva administered) and the specific services options that you need.

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Product Brief

Veeva QuickStart Brief

Now, you don’t need to settle for inferior functionality or overspend on a CRM system that forces you to implement functionality that you don’t yet need. Veeva CRM, deployed via the Veeva QuickStart program is the new, quick and affordable way to revolutionise your customer interactions.

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