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Veeva Align

A single solution for enabling collaborative sales planning and execution, including territory alignments, roster management, field feedback, and targeted activity planning.



Adapt to market changes on-demand

Real-time Collaboration

Eliminate manual handoffs and get seamless field feedback


Perform major territory alignments in days, not weeks


Seamless CRM Integration

Veeva Align is designed from the ground up to manage your territory hierarchy, customer alignments, roster, product assignments, and target activity plans seamlessly with Veeva CRM.

  • Ensure alignments are built on the most current customer data
  • Create alignments with future start dates; Align will manage the data load process to Veeva CRM
  • Eliminate field confusion and data errors in the feedback process

Alignment Execution

Model alignment and targeting changes to optimize results and compare scenarios.

  • Compare multiple models to determine the best solution
  • Push new alignments live with a few clicks
  • Use maps and key performance indicators to plan the right alignments for your business

Roster Management

Many companies still rely on manual, error-prone processes to manage their field rosters. Veeva Align helps you automate these processes to:

  • Ensure accurate coverage to maximize sales impact
  • Quickly manage vacations and time out of territories
  • Reduce human error by eliminating reliance on manual data entry, email and spreadsheets

Easily define criteria to segment channel activities across your customer base.

  • Create a unified plan for digital and face-to-face channels
  • Set activity goals for each customer channel, including face-to-face, events, emails, remote engagements, and more
  • Prioritize activities based on your unique customer segments and business needs
Multichannel Cycle Planning

Get early field feedback about proposed territory changes and activity plans directly from within Veeva CRM.

  • Reduce manual steps and eliminate data entry errors with an integrated feedback loop
  • Eliminate confusion over current and upcoming alignments with clear information
  • Improve the accuracy of territory alignments and optimize based on real-time information from the field
Integrated Field Feedback

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