After separating from a leading biopharma company in 2021, Organon faced some challenges including low segmentation and targeting rates, lack of standardized processes, reliance on manual tools and limited data analytics capabilities. Here’s how the company harmonized its business process, data, and technology.

We couldn’t integrate local segmentation and targeting data and centralize the view across the company. We needed to simplify to get that visibility. – Maciek Wojtaszewski, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Director, Organon

STEP 1: Define five key global framework areas


STEP 3: Choose the right technology stack to support change

Adoption Best Practices

Organon and Veeva developed a strategy to ensure widespread adoption of Veeva Align. Best practices include:

  • Actively engaging key stakeholders from the outset to ensure they understood project goals and impact
  • Regular meetings with key stakeholders to gather their feedback, understand needs and concerns, and address potential roadblocks
  • Cross functional representation to promote collaboration or buy in
  • Providing a global framework so employees had a one-stop shop for any Veeva Align questions

KPI Improvements in the First Year

We like working with Veeva Align. It’s simple and intuitive. – Maciek Wojtaszewski, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Director, Organon

Hear Organon speak about its journey to omnichannel field planning.

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