Customer Stories

Why Intersect ENT Chose Veeva Vault EDC

My name is David Templeton. I’m the manager of Clinical Systems at Intersect ENT. We’re just over 300 people. We have about 15 people in clinical operations. In terms of selecting an EDC application, I always take a customer perspective. There can be multiple customers, but the ultimate customer are the people at the clinical sites, so the physicians, the nurses. They’re highly educated people, but they’re not really trained in data management or data entry. I look for applications that are easy to use, that are intuitive. I really like systems that have things like real-time feedback, real-time edit checks.

Something that really guides the user on better data entry up front, that also saves clinical data management from, and the monitors from having to deal with a lot of unnecessary queries on simple mistakes.

Some of the initial benefits of using Vault EDC I mentioned earlier, having real-time feedback, every time a field is entered, the system saves automatically. I think that’s nice for the sites. They’re getting real-time feedback on data ranges or required fields, so they’re not waiting until the end and then they have to deal with a bunch of system queries.

Things like being able to bulk answer reasons for change or query responses really benefits both the site and our monitors so they can do things much more efficiently. You can also answer a query and change data at the same time as opposed to a two or three step process.

Would I recommend Veeva to other sponsors? Definitely. We see the vision and it’s aligned with what I think is really important in terms of clinical systems.

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