Vault PromoMats Review and Approval Certification

Delivering well prepared, error-free content is a key agency priority, but can be a lengthy undertaking that doesn’t happen without preparation. The Vault PromoMats Review and Approval Certification is designed to provide agency individuals with the expertise to deliver consistent, efficient, high-quality content during the review and approval process.

Who Should Join?

Any agency individual or freelancer who is involved in the preparation, uploading, and processing of documents through the MLR review and approval process, including but not limited to:

  • Copywriters/regulatory submission teams
  • Account handlers
  • Project managers

Annual Program Benefits

Training Materials
Agency individuals are provided an array of training materials including best practice documentation, new feature modules, and training modules to best prepare users for the certification exam. These can be referenced throughout the license term.
The compulsory Certification Exam takes place in a gamified, simulated Vault PromoMats environment. It consists of tasks that mimic agency requirements. To pass, the user must demonstrate correct navigation steps/selections to complete each task.
Agency individuals have Vault PromoMats support available 24/7 from the Global Service Center, support available by phone or email.
Certification Database
Agency individuals can opt-in to publication on our Certification Database, where they will be highlighted to Veeva customers, demonstrating latest expertise and Vault PromoMats skill set.
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