Veeva Network Customer Master cleanses, standardizes, and de-duplicates healthcare professional (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) data from multiple sources to form a single, consolidated master dataset with stored references to originating sources.

Rapidly Deployed

Built for life sciences

Unlike horizontal on-premise customer master data management toolkits that require life sciences industry specific customization, Veeva Network Customer Master application comes pre-configured with a full global life sciences data model ready-to-use.

Quickly extend with internal sources and custom fields

You can easily add any number of internal data sources and custom fields that are unique to your business.

A single global master

A single global data model with country-level data visibility, configuration, and management provides central control with the flexibility to quickly support country, market, and regional needs, without the need to deploy and manage separate systems.

Continuous innovation included

Because Veeva Network Customer Master is a modern multitenant cloud-based application, there is no hardware to buy or software to install, and you benefit from continuous upgrades automatically.


Easily Managed

Full cleanse, match, merge

Data is cleansed, standardized and matched across sources.

Flexibility to use third party data

Customers may upload third party proprietary data to the Veeva Network Customer Master application. Third party proprietary data uploaded to the Veeva Network Customer Master application by a customer resides in the customer’s specific Veeva Network Customer Master environment and is never shared with other customers. Change requests with respect to third party data are routed from the customer's specific instance of the Veeva Network Customer Master application either to the customer for resolution or to the third party for their stewardship action, per customer agreements with the third party data provider.

Intuitive data steward friendly interface

Your data stewards can easily process change requests from sales reps and investigate suspect matches with a few clicks.

Track and measure data quality and operating efficiency

Monitor key performance metrics to understand the efficiency of data steward activity and the quality of data being managed.


Immediately Productive

Find your current and future customers

Powerful free text search and filtering capabilities make browsing through millions of HCPs and HCOs easy.

Get insights into relationships

Visually navigate and explore affiliations and hierarchies (see demo) to uncover hidden relationships.

Improve marketing and sales initiatives

Export customer data for targeted sales and marketing programs, including enriching marketing lists on demand.

Comply with regulatory reporting

Map customer data back to external systems for a complete view of all customer activity in order to create more accurate consolidated reports.