Veeva 2019 Unified Clinical Operations Survey Report

The state of unifying clinical systems, processes, and stakeholder collaboration.

See new results from one of the industry's largest, global clinical operations surveys.

Findings show sponsors and CROs are making progress in unifying clinical systems, streamlining end-to-end processes, and aligning stakeholders to improve trial performance.

The report includes research and analysis on the following topics:

  • Drivers and barriers to unifying clinical systems and processes
  • Information exchange in clinical trials
  • Accelerating study start-up
  • Active TMF management and oversight
  • Improving clinical trial operations


Veeva 2018 Unified Clinical 
Operations Survey:

Annual CRO Report

Annual CRO Report

Unifying clinical applications is
an industrywide priority

This annual research examines the drivers, barriers, and benefits of a unified clinical operating model from a CRO perspective. The CRO-focused report includes research and analysis on the following topics:

  • How unified solutions are improving study execution
  • The areas CROs lead sponsors in adoption of clinical trial applications
  • Why improving CTMS is a priority
  • What's driving the accelerated adoption of purpose-built eTMF solutions
  • Reveal why study start-up is a key area of focus