The pharmaceutical industry is faced with more change and challenge than ever – the patent cliff, increased regulations, pricing pressures and limited physician access, to name a few. These unprecedented changes are forcing companies to do more with less and educate the customer more effectively. In a constantly changing environment, it’s getting harder for pharma companies to rapidly adapt their sales and marketing models to achieve this. That is, unless they have the right solution.

Veeva CRM is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM solutions built specifically to the life sciences industry. With Veeva Commercial Cloud, pharma companies are enabled by technology – not limited by it.

Vault PromoMats for the Enterprise.

Vault PromoMats combines the latest in technology with deep functionality to provide enterprise companies with the most efficient, end-to-end solution for creating, reviewing and distributing promotional materials. Now integrated with iRep, Vault PromoMats is the perfect complement to field execution. The integration replaces the manual handoff of content with single-click distribution and withdrawal. The result is reduced errors and a more streamlined process from content creation to the field and back.

Veeva CRM for the Enterprise.

End users love it.

A technology investment only pays off when your end users embrace it. Veeva CRM was designed with the end user in mind – a surprisingly novel approach. From primary and specialty care sales to medical science liaisons (MSLs) and managed markets account managers, end users love Veeva CRM because it helps them do their jobs better. It simplifies even the most complex and time consuming tasks and streamlines the end-to-end sales process. Users can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time educating the customer.

The business loves it.

Your company connects to customers via multiple touchpoints– from personal promotion by various teams to non-personal promotion via email, self-directed details and call centers. Too often, these communication channels are not integrated, which creates a partial view of the customer, or worse, a poor customer experience. Veeva CRM is different because it was built from the ground up on a single multichannel platform. So whether you engage with a customer in person via iRep or through email via Approved Email, all interactions are automatically captured to the same customer record, ensuring the most consistent interactions and a complete view of the customer.

IT loves it.

Doing more with less usually means IT gets squeezed and is forced to spend valuable technology resources just to “keep the lights on.” Because Veeva CRM is delivered in the cloud, many traditional IT tasks are no longer needed. No servers, no database tuning and no performance monitoring. Plus, Veeva CRM ships new releases multiple times a year, so each customer has access to a steady flow of “automatic innovation,” an asset that appreciates over time. With Veeva CRM, you’ll be free to reallocate precious IT resources to projects that deliver real business value and innovation.

Your customers love it.

Healthcare professionals have a choice in where they get product information. If the source is effective and trusted, they keep using it. Otherwise, they find something else. The same is true for how they engage with drug companies and communication channels. It is critical to add value during every interaction so that HCPs can view your organization as a trusted source of information that will help them improve patient care. Veeva CRM enables you to discover preferences and interests at the customer level, so you can deliver the most relevant content exactly how the customer wants to receive it.