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The days of communicating with customers through a single channel are over. It’s no surprise, given shrinking budgets in the life sciences industry and evolving customer expectations for consuming information.

Historically, as commercial processes evolved or systems became outdated, IT would replace commercial systems one by one, as needed. But given the burgeoning focus on multichannel marketing and customer centricity, this piecemeal approach misses the bigger picture.

Achieving commercial excellence in this new environment requires a new level of information sharing and corporate agility. Companies need to take an integrated approach to getting the right, approved messages to customers through their preferred channels. Attempts to piece together these fragmented systems has only resulted in high content costs, no single source of truth, limited understanding of customer preferences and a poor customer experience overall. Worse, manual handoffs between separate systems invite human errors, exposing companies to a higher risk of noncompliance.

Ditch the technology labyrinth.

Veeva Commercial Cloud unifies the multiple systems required to execute commercial operations for breakthrough usability, without the need for integration, delivering ultimate ease of administration. In the Commercial Cloud, data, interactions and content come together to transform how life sciences companies go to market. The solution enables faster product launches, content distribution, and international expansions. The Commercial Cloud provides commercial agility and responsiveness to industry and regulatory changes while supporting continuous innovation.

Veeva Commercial Cloud allows coordinated planning, multichannel communication, and delivers the compliant content and accurate industry data required to enable more effective customer engagement.

Veeva Network. A Complete customer master.

Veeva Network is a complete cloud-based customer master solution that combines data, software and stewardship services. Seamlessly integrated with Veeva CRM, commercial teams finally have up-to-date customer data at their fingertips.
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Veeva Vault. Regulated content management.

Veeva Vault speeds the review of medical communication and promotional materials and provides a central location for storing source content. From content creation and review to distribution and withdrawal, Vault is the industry’s only cloud-based end-to-end solution for regulated content management.
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Veeva CRM. Compliant, multichannel execution.

Veeva CRM is the industry’s most advanced multichannel CRM solution. With built in CLM and Approved Email, field users have everything they need to meet the customer’s needs across channels.
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Veeva Commercial Cloud is an integrated, global solution that combines the data, interactions, and content required for life sciences companies to sell and market more effectively in today's multichannel world.