Live Casebook Updates Are Game-changing for UAT

Ami Dudzinski Mehr, vice president of Veeva Vault CDMS services, describes how UAT meetings with live updates cut weeks from a traditional UAT timeline while producing higher quality results.


How would you describe an interactive UAT meeting?

Interactive User Acceptance Testing

In interactive UAT, we get together with our customers and sit around a table and one of our configuration consultants displays the Vault CDMS system on the screen. The customer then goes through and executes their User Acceptance Testing scripts. They provide feedback to us, and we make changes to the system in near real-time so that they can then review and ultimately accept the system.


How do real-time discussions and updates address the challenges of a traditional UAT?

Addressing traditional challenges

An interactive UAT addresses a lot of challenges that I've seen in my experience over the last 20 years. In a traditional UAT process, you collect feedback, typically in a log. Everyone leaves the meeting and then someone has to come back and make changes based upon that feedback, who potentially wasn't even in the room. Sometimes you lose the essence of the meaning behind those changes. In contrast, during an interactive UAT with all the key stakeholders from the customer around the table--and the individuals that are going to make the changes sitting at the table as well--they can have direct dialog. So there are no requirements lost in translation. Ultimately, we can lead to higher quality and faster decisions within that meeting so that we don't have to come back and deliver changes days or weeks later.