Customer Engagement – You Don’t Have 10 Days to Get it Right

Would you wait 10 days to get your internet connection fixed? Or accept a 10-day delay in receiving a confirmation email following an online purchase?

Well, 10 days is how long it takes on average for customer data change requests to be processed, according to the 2016 European Customer Data Survey.

This delay is not acceptable.

The speed at which customer data changes are processed is fundamental providing quality data. Ten day delays have a huge impact on field force productivity and negatively impact CRM system adoption.

With Veeva, we average in less than 1 business day to process data change requests.

This gap is a clear indicator that the industry is far from where it should be with quality customer data.
The good news is that almost 80% of companies have already or will soon implement a customer data quality initiative.

It is well understood that customer data is the bedrock for successful commercial initiatives.
It is also important to take into consideration the growing regulatory constraints such as transparency or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that require good customer data. The industry is feeling more of an urgency to adopt a unique and continuously updated customer data solution across the enterprise.

The news is not all bad. There are solutions and best practices to manage quality customer data. To find out more, access the replay of the webinar, available on demand – Customer Data Management: A Business Imperative for the Next Decade.

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