Deep Data Innovations to Maximize KOL Engagement

Pre-launch field medical education leads to a 1.5x increase in treatment adoption. But with key opinion leader (KOL) and digital opinion leader activities totaling over 3 million every month,1 ensuring relevant, timely education is an ongoing challenge for biopharmas.

Veeva Link Key People consolidates over 250,000 data sources to provide medical and commercial field teams with intelligence about 4 million experts in 89 countries, all precisely curated and easily searchable. Recent innovations have brought additional datasets, personalized updates, and new ways to surface the insights that matter most to users.

Below are six recent features in Link Key People designed to help you engage more effectively and maximize your impact in 2024 and beyond.

  1. Network visualization
  2. Deep data on congresses
  3. Visualized cross-functional interactions
  4. US medical education
  5. Expanded newsfeed
  6. Sales view on the Link platform

1. Network visualization

Understanding collaboration networks is valuable for engagement planning and field resource optimization. You can now do this very easily using Link.

Interactive network maps visualize connections between experts as well as associations. Teams use this feature to find and filter people in a geographic area based on the strength of their connections.

Impact: Reach significantly more experts by selecting the right KOLs based on their collaborations and leverage the network effect to increase resource efficiency.

“By engaging the right KOL, you can actually impact the knowledge of hundreds or thousands of healthcare providers.” Robert Faison, Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Paratek

2. Deep data on congresses

With over 700,000 medical congresses happening worldwide, it can be challenging to prioritize the right events for your budget and maximize the value of those investments.

That’s why we expanded the depth of congress insights in Link to include full congress agendas and personalized expert engagement suggestions. Other congress intelligence features include an interactive map of congress contributors, top represented associations, and a congress X feed.

Impact: Optimize your congress strategy and maximize engagement opportunities with greater insight into an event.

3. Visualized cross-functional interactions

Siloed engagement planning is a common problem. It often results in overlapping interactions with experts and a disjointed customer experience that can undermine relationships.

Now you can see all past and planned interactions with an expert from across your CRM orgs, neatly visualized in the new Interactions tab of Link profiles.

Impact: Improve internal coordination, organizational efficiency, and the customer experience with cross-functional visibility.

“An enterprise-wide approach to engagement is really important to us at Merck. Our partnership with Veeva helps us to be more deliberate in how we engage.” Eric Toron, Global Head of Medical Operations, Merck

4. US medical education

Medical school, residency, and fellowships are significant elements in a physician’s career. Easy access to this information brings a deeper understanding of their background, as well as insight into their potential medical philosophy and professional network.

Enriched Link KOL profiles now include an Education section detailing academic institutions attended along with the area of study. This feature is currently only available for US experts.

Impact: Drive diversity on ad boards and uncover common connections among experts.

5. Expanded newsfeed

With so much data available on experts and the broader therapeutic ecosystem, teams need to quickly identify what is new for the key people and events they are most interested in.

Link’s expanded newsfeed gives you visibility into upcoming congresses that feature contributions from your favorite experts. One click takes you through to the detailed event profile.

Impact: Quickly identify additional opportunities to engage with your prioritized experts.

“Customer data is constantly changing. Veeva Link Key People helps us stay up-to-date with what’s going on.” Alan McDougall, SVP and Head of Medical Affairs, Europe, Canada and Israel, Astellas

6. Sales view on the Link platform

Medical teams use Link’s advanced search capabilities and real-time intelligence to find new experts, uncover new connections, and better understand their ecosystem. Commercial field teams can also now benefit from these powerful tools.

A compliant sales web application is available for field teams to utilize many of Link’s capabilities, including topic-based searches and interactive network maps.

Impact: Empower your commercial teams with deeper data on the key people in their territory and how they are connected.

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1Source: Veeva Link Key People

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