Delivering Medical Excellence Through Veeva CRM

Increasing demands from stakeholders across a diverse portfolio of medicines require medical affairs teams to focus on ensuring excellence in their organization and enhancing collaboration with sales and marketing. Veeva CRM is a foundational requirement for medical teams to plan engagements, collect actionable insights, and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

During the recent NA Commercial Summit, Veeva announced it was “reinventing CRM,” with a goal of “making it as great for medical as for sales.” But what does this mean? How will this transformation help medical organizations now and in the future?

Reinventing Veeva CRM for medical

To meet the challenges of engaging teams over ever-increasing channels, medical organizations are relying on flexible and agile solutions while maintaining compliance. Veeva continues to transform CRM to support new ways of working and make it easier to understand your customers more deeply and find, access, and share content more efficiently.

Here are three examples of Veeva CRM transformations underway to ensure excellence for medical.

  1. Platform flexibility and optimization

    Before the pandemic, iPads were often the primary solution for medical science liaisons (MSLs) meeting with healthcare professionals (HCPs) face-to-face across the globe. However, now that field medical organizations are navigating new engagement models that incorporate both digital and face-to-face interactions, there is a need for a more multimodal, multichannel experience. Innovations in CRM bring in all the capabilities available on the iPad to Windows desktops and laptops, as well as the new macOS, iPhone, and Android. These options give field medical organizations more choice in delivering capabilities to MSLs who spend more time in home offices than in the field.

  2. Optimizing the end-to-end content flow

    Content powers engagements and makes them more valuable to customers. However, disseminating impactful medical content can be more difficult for MSLs who must navigate a continuously growing asset library to both plan meetings and promptly answer questions from key opinion leaders (KOLs). The reinvention of Veeva CRM also includes investment in improving the flow of content, from publishing through how users interact with it. Innovations in recent and future releases make it easier for field teams to find content, assemble it in new ways, and present and share it across multiple channels. Automatic tracking of all media activity provides insights into customer interactions and the impact of shared content.

  3. Real-time intelligence and insights

    Veeva Link for Key People provides rich profiles of scientific and medical experts to MSLs, helping them maximize the impact of their engagements. These rich insights on key stakeholders’ educational needs, activities, and interests are centralized and easily accessible through seamless integration with Veeva CRM. Medical teams gain a complete view of their customers, make new connections, and inform key experts of the latest developments and treatments aligned to their interests.

    The Veeva Link Platform is expanding to help medical organizations personalize engagements. Link+ (available early 2023) enables agile workflows and relationship management to plan, collaborate, and review engagements with KOLs. Then to help surface, curate, and share medical insights across the enterprise, Veeva is introducing Link for Medical Insights (available early 2023). This offering will work seamlessly with Veeva CRM for a streamlined end-to-end approach to ensure action on key medical insights.

Veeva’s common data architecture enables the ability to deliver integrated end-to-end workflows for medical affairs. This capability provides standard definitions for brands, doctors, products, content, and interactions and enables different product areas, such as Veeva CRM, Link, and Vault MedComms, to integrate.

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